Monday, December 29, 2014

Journal Entry 25

It's Monday!

And almost a new year...

Happy almost New Year!

Let's celebrate with some tiny people.  What's that you say?  Why tiny people?  Well, I guess you'll have to read this week's journal entry and find out.  ;)

Lorenz has found himself in a rather unique situation.  It's filled with magic and wonder as Lorenz expands his world and his world views. 

This is hopefully a bit more of a 'feel good' sort of story arc for Lorenz...hopefully.  Enjoy!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Gemini Prince : Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter 1

The Escape

The stone of the window sill is rough against my palms.  My shoulders are aching and as I glance down my head swims.  The fall seems farther than it did when I was standing at the window.  I have half a mind to start climbing back up, but my grip is slipping.  I grit my teeth, eyes slamming shut as fear washes over me.  I am going to tumble noisily and be discovered.  My entire escape plan is about to crumble to dust because in my excitement I overestimated my own abilities.

I almost shriek as my arms finally give out.  My limbs flail, trying to grasp anything but finding only air.  I careen towards the ground below and with a slight ‘oof!’ land in the fluffy hay bales as I had planned.  The wind is momentarily knocked out of me, but as I stare up at the high window that has been my prison, I realize that I am no longer inside.

Footsteps shuffling in my direction along with the clang of armor make me tuck in.  I burrow into the hay, trying to make myself small and quiet.  I watch a guard stride past me while glancing around curiously.  He is dressed in warm leathers with a deep blue crest upon one shoulder and shined metal boots.   I suppose he heard my spill, but since nothing seems amiss he continues on his way, one hand resting on the hilt of a gleaming sword.  I shall stay here for a few more moments before making for the stables.  I have spent too long devising this escape to be thwarted by a lone night watchman.

The night is quiet save for a few howls in the distance.  I hear no people chattering or owls hooting; it’s almost ominous.  Through the gaps in fragrant stalky bits covering my head I glance to the sky.  The twin moons are shining brightly, almost touching one another.  It is a night for the Gemini.  If there was ever a good time to begin my pilgrimage, it is now.  Closing my eyes I say a prayer within my mind, “Thirteen Gods and Goddesses bless and keep me.  This night I set out upon the pilgrimage to the Great Well Spring.  I begin my journey to pray at the Stone of the Gemini.  Twin Souls keep your eyes upon me as I traverse this land in search of my true self.”

My eyes remain closed as I savor a feeling of peace that floods my being.  Then, as if something inside of me sent a jolt, I bolt from my hiding place and dash towards the royal stables.  My heart is thundering in my ears and no matter how much the wind stings at my cheeks; I find it difficult to draw a breath.  Having never left the confines of the castle without an armed escort, this venture leaves me both frightened and deeply exhilarated. 

The fear of being caught and dragged back to my gilded cage has me running as if devils are on my heels.  I manage to cross the grounds and throw open the stable door.  All is quiet inside, save for the mewling of a few Naba, so I shut the door behind me and look over the beasts.  The Naba are swift and cunning pack animals that stand upon two legs and have enormous ears that resemble a rabbit’s.  They are normally only kept by wealthy merchants, clergy and nobility.  Though traversing upon a Naba may draw attention, using a slower animal or walking on foot could triple the time necessary to make the journey.

I opt for one of the shabbier looking beasts towards the back of the stable.  With it I can probably pass for a mediocre merchant or clergyman.  My intent is to stay off the main roads and try to look as inconspicuous as possible.  Thankfully the beast has been ridden frequently.  He is friendly and allows me to swiftly place a humble blanket and saddle upon his humped back.  I lead him out the exit which opens into the pear orchard and hope the night conceals me as I move about the trees.  It is not likely that someone would be looking for a mount thief to enter the royal stables, but who knows.

Fallen branches and leaves crunch beneath my booted feet.  Every snap threatens to make my heart leap from my chest.  Both my arms are shivering as I try to hold onto the beast’s reins as we walk.  This is a terrifying jaunt.  I can see the outer wall right in front of me, but my mind keeps concocting scenarios where someone grabs me and stops me before reaching it.  It is as if that wall represents my entire life.  Years have been spent staring at this wall, at my freedom, so close and yet so far away.

I have wanted to do this for years, with or without my family’s approval.  However, fear, uncertainty, even their words have kept me from trying.  I remember when I was a boy of twelve, telling my mother and father that I thought myself a Gemini Spirit.  Proudly I announced my wish to embark upon the Pilgrimage, only to have my feelings denounced a ‘phase.’  As I got older and continued to express how I felt inside, my parents became angry and venomous.  “The people do not need a Gemini King!  They need a strong, fully-male king with a good head on his shoulders.  Put aside these childish notions and start preparing to choose a queen!”

Words can wound more than a sword, axe, or crossbow.  I carried that trauma with me as I married and had children.  I care about my wife very much, and I love my children more than my own life.  However, ours was an arranged marriage and therefore we are not ‘in love.’  Neither of us had a choice about our future.  We have accepted this fact of our lives and moved on; mostly content to be friends and come together for the production of our offspring.  We enjoy one another’s company, but only on a platonic level.

I tried to put my inner awareness aside and be the man that my wife and children seemed to need.  However, I was never happy and the uncomfortableness of my body, mind and spirit got worse.  I trusted and cared for my wife, so with our third child on the way, shared my true self with her.  I told her about my feelings and how my parents had treated my desire to commune with the Gemini Spirits.  It was her reaction that drove me to run away.

Instead of showing me support or even trying to understand my situation, my beautiful wife and mother of my children rejected my feelings, rejected my view of myself and ultimately, rejected me.  She said there was no place in her life or my children’s life for a Gemini Spirit.  She said there was no place in this kingdom for a Gemini King. 

I have not spoken to her since and have refused all contact this past week.  It is tearing at me, because in her womb rests my baby and I want desperately to connect to that child, but I can no longer connect with her.  I cannot trust her.  I feel utterly betrayed and alone.  

Hoarding bits of bread from my meals, I began building rations tucked into a pillow case.  On a riding trip I stole a few water skins and kept them in my room.  I made several trips to the library within the castle and constructed copies of maps by hand as I painstakingly planned my pilgrimage.  What is meant to be a celebrated affair has turned into a solitary trip with me having to literally run away from my home, my duties and my family.  No one knows I am leaving.  No one knows where I am going.  And if all goes well, no one will see me again until after I commune with the Gemini Spirits and discover for myself whether my desires are true or some delusion.

I take a deep breath and slow my steps as I am nearly close enough to the wall to touch it.  Swallowing hard, I turn my eyes towards the skies, and look for some sort of sign to continue.  My entire life I have been told that what I feel inside is wrong.  Sometimes the feelings blend together with what others say and uncertainty fills me.  Are they the ones that are mistaken or is it me? 

Unshed tears sting my eyes as I stare at those two moons.  They are how I feel.  I feel split down the middle with half of my body as a man and the other as a woman.  I want the outside of me to represent the inside.  I want to feel as if I am no longer a stranger to myself.  The tears swell, collecting at my lashes and the corners of the eyes.  I want to say something, to beg the Gods and Goddesses to save me but a voice cuts through the silence before I have a chance.

“You there!  Who are you!?  Stop right there!”

Without a thought I lunge forward, one hand landing on that short stone wall.  It is but waist high and more for decoration than anything.  I use my other hand to tug the reins of the Naba.  He moves without much coaxing and jumps the wall.  I am standing on the stone as he vaults forward and I swing a leg up and over, landing comfortably in the saddle.  I have never considered myself athletic, but the act felt as natural as breathing. 

As the Naba lands on the other side of the wall I turn my head to look at the guard that is trying to give chase.  My hair comes loose from under the hat where it was piled and hidden.  Bright blood red and silver strands stream out behind me.  It is the one thing I have never allowed my family to dictate; the length of my hair.  I have always kept it impossibly long.  The streamers of my hair cause the guard to slide to a stop.  His green eyes lock on mine and his youthful freckled face looks awestruck.  Obviously he did not expect to find the High Prince stealing a Naba in the dead of night.

As the creature’s feet pound the ground beneath us I lift a single finger to my lips.  “Ssshhh…”  I manage, before winking in the guard’s direction.  The Naba’s speed kicks in and I’m jerked, barely able to grasp my hat as I tuck forward.  I cling to the beast while he leaves a trail of dust behind us.

Chapter 2

Much Ado About Freedom

The castle is growing smaller and smaller at my back.  The wind swirls my long hair about my face.  I keep glancing behind me, but there is no one following.  I’m not sure how long the Naba has been running, but soon I start to laugh.  My chest swells with a feeling that I have never known.  Overhead an owl flies, darting from one tree top to another and giving a hoot.  My laughter grows louder and while gripping the Naba with my thighs I throw my arms out to either side.  There comes an understanding of the feeling in my chest.  It is the wondrous feeling of being free.

Awareness washes over me lifting a great weight from my body.  Until this moment I had no perception that something was suppressing me to the point I barely dragged from day to day.  I feel light, almost weightless; as if I could lift up into the air with that owl and fly through the skies without a care in the world.  There is no voice of my father telling me all the things I must do.  My mother is not screaming at me to be the perfect prince.  There are no disapproving stares, no scoffs, no glares or snorts.  There is only me, the sky, and the breeze through my hair. 

Sighing heavily I lean forward and rest my head against the Naba’s back.  The beast is warm and the air above is cool.  The rhythmic beating of its feet against the ground is soothing and I am free.  A smile plays against my lips and I rub my cheek against the course fur.  I cannot remember ever feeling so comfortable.  I am completely unaware that I slip off to sleep until I roll off the beast and collide with the ground, startling myself awake.

Gasping, my head pops up and I look around in astonishment.  Rubbing at my eyes, I try to understand where I am and what happened.  There are trees all around and nothing seems familiar.  A lightning shock of fear shoots through me and I feel so disoriented that I want to shout for my guards.  It takes me a moment to remember that there are no guards and I am completely alone.  That makes me even more afraid.

Swallowing hard I look up to see that the Naba is ducking his head and drinking from a stream.  The creature must have run until it got tired and then stopped for a drink.  The first sun is peeking out over the horizon.  I slept for hours while the Naba kept running due to lack of direction from me. 

I draw in a breath and try to calm myself.  I should probably get a drink and have a bit of food.  Rising to my feet, I tie the Naba to a nearby tree.  He can still reach the water and after a moment he rolls to his side, settling down and chewing on some branches.  The beast seems at ease, so we are most likely in a safe area. 

I just need to keep telling myself that.

The day is warm, so I decide not to start a fire.  I do not wish to alert anyone of my presence.  However, as I stare at the stream I realize how uncomfortable I am.  I have never gone a day without a nice long bath.  A quick glance around produces no sights save for miles of trees.  Surely I can strip off and quickly wash myself amongst the water without incident.  It seems indecent to be nude outside, but also a bit exciting.  I have never done anything like this before.

Trying to be smart, I tuck all my belongings near the Naba.  He is close to the water and will be close to me.  I brought a sword and it is going into the water with me.  One can never be too careful.  Fluffing out my clothing, I lay them on a rock directly in front of me where I can reach them quickly but they will not get wet.  Clutching my sword with one hand and holding the other across my front, I glance around nervously.  I still neither hear nor see anything threatening, so quickly I step into the water and sink down to my waist.

The water is slightly cool, but I felt sticky and warm from sleeping against the Naba, so the cool water is not unwelcome.  Groaning I brush the water against my body and duck my head to get my hair wet.  Bathing outside is not so bad after all.  I smile at my own reflection in the water.  The sun is creeping higher at my back and it warms my wet flesh.

I am almost finished with my bath when the Naba raises his head and lets out a spitting snort.  His abrupt animation causes me to snag my sword up out of the water.  Spinning in a circle I notice something dark moving in the foliage nearby.  Standing up I hold the sword out in front of me.  Squinting, I try to decide what is swaying several paces away.  Then, much to my horror, the figure stretches up and turns.  It’s a person!

“Who goes there!?”  I cry out angrily.  A sword hilt glitters and then a man’s back in dark clothing becomes visible.  “Disgusting pervert!  How dare you sit and watch me bathe!”  I call out while taking a step forward as if to pursue the stranger who had been watching me, only to stop.  Looking down my entire body flushes as I realize I am still naked.  Darting out of the water I hide behind the Naba while brandishing my sword.  “If I set eyes upon you again I shall run you through!”

A sad message on Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to all! I hope you are having a Happy Holiday!

Regretfully this holiday is bittersweet at this moment. I received a message late last night that my cover artist's mother is in the hospital. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and remember and be grateful for what you have this holiday season.

Onto how this affects my readers and fans...currently the cover of 'The Gemini Prince' is still not complete. I am not certain if it will go out on Monday as planned. I am terribly sorry, but the well fare of my artist and her family goes above a release date to me. I am a self-published author and not some big company after all.

That being said, I also do not feel right disappointing people that have been waiting for a title that's been pushed back twice already. Thus, I have decided to post part of the first chapter online for free today. I know it isn't much, but at least it can give an introduction into this title that I have poured my heart and soul.

I hope in the future you will continue to support me in my endeavors to produce titles that highlight not just gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, pansexual and asexual heroes, but also transgender, bi-gender, pangender, gender fluid and everyone in between!

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Short Story For Christmas

Happy Holidays!

Today is Monday and while typically this would lead to a journal entry, I am posting a short story instead!

If you have been keeping up on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., I have been working on a Christmas short story depicting a 'what if' scenario involving two of the characters from my world.

In Lorenz's journal we know that he once met a dashing vampire in a top-hat that tried to woo him and failed rather miserably.  If you have read Phoenix Heart, you might also be aware that he meets this vampire again later.

For those who follow Lorenz's lover Fate Trail, Cyrus meets a frustratingly sexy Texas Ranger whom he has a short encounter with.  This individual is shrouded in mystery.  He also happens to meet up with this individual again in Phoenix Heart.

Lorenz was not destined to end up with the top-hatted admirer, nor was Cyrus destined to forever romp with his friend-with-benefits, the hazel-eyed mystery man.  So then what if these two third wheels were to stumble upon one another?  It is not an easy thing to be the 'other guy' in a story where two people are destined to be together forever in the grandest of love affairs.  Why can't the 'other guys' have a little bit of fun eh?

Top-Hats and Measuring Sticks is a 'what if' adventure where Le Von Funar and Marcel the Moirae stumble upon one another pining for the men they can't have on Christmas.  This promises to be a very interesting Christmas.

While neither Le Von nor Marcel will ever admit that this interaction ever really happened, what I can tell you is that everything discussed during this encounter is 100% true.  There is a lot of lore, a lot of secrets, and a lot of outlandish claims in this story.  I wanted it to be a fun and sexy little read, but also be something titillating for my readers for another reason.  There are things that may take me years to get to or that I may never get to why not have a way to toss some things out for people to munch on.

There are things like, tidbits about the nature of the world itself, the nature of the Moirae, a big super secret about Le Von that is 200 years in the making, Horach's real name and real origins, the nature of Marcel and Horach's relationship, more info on people's sexualities, why people conduct themselves the way they do, all that and so much more!

I really really hope you guys will enjoy this fun little story.  I say 'little' but it's right at 7900 words.  Right now there is enough material on this blog for me to make into probably 3 Novellas at least.  Please, think about how much time and effort goes into this blog.  I really appreciate everyone's love and support.  Remember that writing is not a hobby, this is my job and putting things up for free is me working for you guys...for free.

The link for the short story is on the right near the Donate button, or you can click the link below.  :)

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Journal Entry 24

Is it Monday already?

Oh I guess it is. =D

Monday means journal entry!  Journal entry 24 is up for your viewing pleasure.  It's another day for Lorenz to reflect upon his new relationship and how things are going.  A short discussion about the good, the not-so-good, and what might be coming next.

There's been so much angst and drama for the couple, a bit of calm before anymore storms is good, don't you think?


Monday, December 1, 2014

Journal Entry 23

Happy Monday!

It's Monday and that means new Journal Entry.  I'm sorry that it's a little late going up, but I've been knee deep in edits for the newest book and wanted that done before I worked on this entry.

When last we left Lorenz and Cyrus they had finally broken down the barriers around them and confessed how they truly felt.  They spent a night of wild passion together and Lorenz was wondering...what's next?

So here is what was next.  Sometimes it's awkward starting a new relationship, even if you have known a person for a long time.  Cyrus and Lorenz have known each other for two years, but now they are learning how to -be- together.

In this journal entry, Lorenz describes their budding relationship, his emotional state and...quite a lot of what's going on in their sex life.

Enjoy!  ;)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Bi-Gendered Protagonist

I'm afraid there's no new journal entry today.  With Thanksgiving this week, some family stuff and me waking up sick's just not getting done.  Instead!  I present to you some information and a snippet from my latest work.  :)  Happy Monday!


I am in the final stages of edits in The Gemini Prince and wanted to take some time to highlight what makes this book so different and special.

Though I primarily write paranormal romance that is on the explicit side, this book is more of a sweet fantasy fiction.  It is not explicit nor particularly gory.  It could easily be picked up by a teenager or young adult and be enjoyed as much as it could be by someone older.  This was a big change for me, but one that I enjoyed and tried for a reason.

There is a message in this novel, one of hope, personal growth, and positive versus negative relationships.  Considering that the novel features a Bi-Gendered Protagonist, I felt there could be people of all ages that might want to read and enjoy what it's about.

I state Bi-Gendered rather than Pan-Gendered or Gender Fluid, only because of the book itself.  The book is fantasy, set in a completely different world, and it is part of the culture and spiritual beliefs that some individuals are born governed by the 'Gemini Spirit.'  This is a God/Goddess twin combination of male and female which manifests in the person by giving them a gender identity that is both male and female.

It is supposed to be widely known and engrained into the very fabric of these peoples' existence that a person's gender identity and sexual orientation is determined before birth by deities.  This leaves it completely out of each person's hands and one would think leans itself towards a more accepting and unified society as a whole.

But...just because a people 'know' this is how it is, does not necessarily mean it is accepted.

The Gemini Prince is the story of Avery, a man who grew up feeling like a Gemini Spirit, but was never allowed to express his gender identity.  Feelings of dysphoria, depression and isolation fester and grow to a daily anhedonia.  Eventually, he leaves his family, his duties, and everything he's ever known in order to establish his gender the way he wants.

I am both very proud and quite worried over this work.  I really wanted to write something good in order to broach this subject.  I hope people of all ages and walks of life can enjoy it.  This is a romance and there is a happy ending.  Perhaps if
there are people struggling with gender identity issues they might find it a fun feel-good sort of story.

Be looking for cover arts, character concept sketches, and give-aways to be popping up in the near future.


“Is it all that you expected?”  I jump, sloshing the water as I sit up and look over my shoulder.  Furling my brows I snort disapprovingly at Hector who is peeking around the small partition that I put up.

With a roll of my eyes I reach for some scented soap and begin brushing it across my body.  “If I did not know better, I would think that you were doing your best to sneak peeks of my nude body.  Of course, you are no such perverse fiend, are you Prince Hector?”  I narrow my eyes at him playfully.

He gasps, placing a hand at his chest and feigning shock.  “Perish the thought Prince Avery.  I was merely making sure that you had not fallen in and drowned while my back was turned.”

At first I laugh, reveling in the beautiful smile upon his face, but then it hits me; he used my real name.  Dropping the soap with a splash, I shy back in the water.  My jaw drops and my eyes grow wide.  I suppose I must look as if I have had a terrible fright because he steps closer to me with a hand outstretched.  “What did you just call me?”  I see the recognition on his face at his mistake and he winces, turning his face away.

“Ah, forgive me.  Vincent…Vincent, you said your name was.  It is just that you remind me so much of someone I met when I was a child that…”  I cut him off, shifting in the tub and causing more sloshing.

“How long have you known?”  There is a clipped and almost angry tone to my voice.  I do not mean to sound angry at him, but I feel somehow betrayed.

I watch his Adam’s apple bob up and down in a hard swallow.  Slowly he lowers to one knee and bows his head.  “Forgive me, Your Highness, I have known who you truly were since I spotted you in the forest.  It seemed as if you wanted your identity kept secret, and I was more than willing to uphold the illusion for you.  Please, I meant no offense.  I became too casual and got careless.  It was thoughtless of me.  I accept whatever punishment for any and all of my actions since we have met.”

Tears flood my eyes and I cup my hands over my ears, curling up in the tub.  “Stop it!  Stop saying things like that!”  I hiccup, feeling the tears threatening to break through the barrier of my eyelids and spill out onto my face.  “So then you were only treating me like a real person to pacify me.  Everything you have done for me was only because of my station.  This entire trip has been a lie.”  My breath quickens, and I am gasping, feeling as if walls are tumbling down around me and all the air is being sucked out of my body.  I feel like I am dying.

“No, no, that is not it at all.  I found the most wonderful opportunity to be with a sweet and gentile prince.  I was able to treat him like a person and he treat me like one in return.  You made me feel…more than just a disappointment.  You made me feel special and I wanted you to feel special too.  But not because of what family you were born into, but for who you are.”  I feel his hand upon my shoulder, giving a gentle squeeze.  “Avery please…”

I sniffle and slowly lift my head.  Looking up into those blue eyes is so difficult for me.  I feel them reach into my rib cage, tear it open and expose my heart.  One hand remains on my shoulder and the other ghosts tenderly across my cheek.  All around us little bubbles of water start to float upwards out of the tub.  I blink in surprise and glance around.  “What is…happening?”

Hector wets his lips and looks to the bubbles as well.  “We are close to the Well Spring.  Your emotions are causing the water to rise, just like when you slapped me.  The closer we are the more your magic will awaken, most likely.  Please, I believe in this trip and I believe in you.  I am not like your family.  I want you to be who you are.  I truly wish to help you and I want nothing in return.  When I was a boy my father took my brothers and I to your court.  It was some ball or something, I hardly remember.  What I do remember is you.  I was the sixth child and did not garner an introduction to the High Prince.  You were introduced to my eldest brother instead, but I remember your beautiful hair and how you held yourself.  You were just a child, but you smiled to people and talked with them and I just…”

I reach up, brushing my thumb against his bottom lip.  “You just what?”

Monday, November 17, 2014

Journal Entry 22


It's a snowy Monday for me how about you?  Oh wait, I'm supposed to be announcing something else aren't I? ;)

Yes it's Monday and that means Journal Entry!

Lorenz is yet again trying to detox from Cyrus' vampire blood.  When things get heavy, will they finally take the plunge and admit to each other how they truly feel?  Is it time?  Has the awkward dance gone on long enough!?

Find out!

For those who have read Phoenix Heart, Journal Entry 22 coincides directly with a scene from Chapter 5.  In Chapter 5 Shorty(Cyrus) has a flashback about this very moment in time.  In the book this scene is from Cyrus' perspective.  The journal entry is of course from Lorenz's perspective.  I hope you enjoy!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Journal Entry 21

Uh Oh!  It's Monday again!

Mondays mean school, and jobs, and getting up early and bleh!  But oh wait, they also mean new journal entries. :D

Things have come to a serious head for Lorenz and Cyrus.  After what seemed like a nice 'date' ends with nothing but a smile and a handshake, Lorenz has had enough.  Things get bad, real bad...violent even!  :(

Is this the end for our two heroes?  Is their love affair over before it even began?

Hang in their's always darkest before the dawn.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Journal Entry 20

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to another Manic Monday.

Mondays tend to bring with them -drum roll- new journal entries!  Today Lorenz discusses Christmas and New Years 1945/46.

I'm sure by now we're used to Lorenz seeming a little bit dramatic, but does he mean it when he claims that he's absolutely heart-broken and ready to leave Cyrus!? :O

Guess you'll have to read to find out!

If you haven't read the books, Lorenz and Cyrus met in June of 1944.  They traveled together for two years before managing to confess love for one another.  So guess what that means!?  Yep!  It's now 1946 in Lorenz's journal and thus we begin the countdown when the two -finally- admit they love each other.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Journal Entry 19

Monday! Monday! Monday!

Hello folks! It's Monday and we're back on our regular schedule!

To celebrate Halloween, we're having a festive! journal entry!

Lorenz is having (gasp!) fun traveling through the deserts of Egypt/Africa.  He finds himself loosening up and enjoying his life again.  When he and Cyrus come upon a little town in the throws of a festival, can he settle back and just enjoy himself for a while?

And what spooky stuff might happen in the morning? ;)

It's Journal Entry 19!

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 20, 2014

A New Release Instead

Hello Everyone!

I know Monday usually brings about a new journal entry, but today is a little bit different.

Today is Release Day for my new book!

Today Blood & Soul hits shelves on ARe, Smashwords and Amazon (well supposed to be Amazon, but it's taking its sweet time).

Blood & Soul is a step away from my normal format and includes a new cast of characters and a new voice.  It's a first person perspective paranormal romance ghost story!  Just in time for Halloween.

Next week we'll get back to our regular schedule.  In the mean time, please check out my new release.  You can find the cover art and blurb at the link below, as well as where to make purchases.  The Amazon link is not up yet, I apologize for that.  I uploaded a full day in advance, but it's still not done 'processing' through the Amazon ebook shop.  Hopefully it will show-up soon and as soon as it does I will add that buy link as well.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Journal Entry 18

Hello Everyone!

It's Monday again!

Monday brings with it new journal entry! Yay!

Lorenz finds himself in Egypt traveling around with a caravan.

During this journal entry, Lorenz describes a case that he and Cyrus work together.  It's murder, mystery, a girl with three eyes and...zombies!?  After all, it's getting close to Halloween. ;)

Hope you all enjoy!

Let me know what you think about the story of the girl with a third eye.  I'm thinking I might actually turn that into a short-story from Lorenz's point of view.  I'd like to know if there's any interest in knowing what happened.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Journal Entry 17

It's one year to the day that Lorenz met Cyrus!  Lorenz wakes to an empty cabin and a sinking feeling.  After a full day of worrying over what has happened to his vampire companion the night ends in a maddening twist.

How much more of the current arrangement can Lorenz take?  He's not sure...all he's sure of is that he's slowly going insane.

Monday means it's new Journal Entry Day!  Enjoy Lorenz's pain.  ;)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Journal Entry 16

Monday Again!

Monday! Monday! Monday!

Monday means another journal entry!  Lorenz wakes on Valentine's Day to see that his vampire traveling companion has gotten him a gift.  But what does it mean?!  Or does it mean anything at all...

You be the judge!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Journal Entry 15

Hello guys and gals!

It's Monday again and that means journal entry day!

It's Christmas Day and Lorenz gets a big surprise from his traveling vampire companion.  Can one day of blissful celebration help Lorenz get over his self-loathing or will he return to his self-destructive behavior come the New Year?

Find out in Journal Entry #15!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Journal Entry 14

Guess what today is...that's right!  It's Monday!

And Monday means that it's New Journal Entry Day.

The war has hit a devastating crest and with it comes a storm like no other.  While Lorenz thought he would surely perish, an unlikely hero stepped in and saved him.  However, is Lorenz now a free man...or in a different kind of captivity?

Ladies and gentlemen today is the day that Lorenz writes in his journal about the first time he met the vampire that would become the love of his life.  This was not a meeting of sunshine and roses.  This was a meeting of blood, torment and terror.

If you have not read 'Phoenix Heart' this is how the book begins.  You need not actually read the full book or buy it in order to enjoy the scene that Lorenz talks about in this journal entry.  On Amazon or Smashwords you can look at the 'free' pages in the beginning.  Tie it all together and see just why Lorenz and Shorty's 'anniversary' is always so intense and bitter-sweet for the couple.  :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Stories!

Hello Everyone!

Today I added a new section to the blog called 'Other Stories.'  It's to your right next to the donate button.

This will be a place to find other stories that I might write which have nothing to do or perhaps very little to do with Lorenz's journal.  The story that is there currently has nothing to do with the journal.

'Seven' is a short story that I was challenged to write by my friends.  The challenge was a joke that people thought I could probably do, but also wondered what I could possible do with. 

The challenge was to write a story about a dog with seven heads and seven penises.  Especially considering that I tend to write romance-related stories...the possibilities of what I could do with this prompt spanned from the funny to the down-right outrageous.

What I came up with...was the story of Cerberalious.  Cerberalious is a Guardian from a fantasy world far far away.  He does indeed have seven heads and seven corresponding penises.  He is a beastly looking creature with a heart of gold.  It is a story about how beauty is only skin deep.  Much like Quasimodo in the bell tower, can Cerberalious with his foaming maws find love and have a happy ending, or will it end in some tragic thing with a hanging?

I like happy endings, so let's hope that I wasn't evil with this story.  Hop on over and check it out.  It is split at one point so that people who might not be interested in the more 'explicit' scene can opt out of that part and just read the PG13 version.

Speaking of the donate button, you might wonder why that's even there.  Well, I spend a lot of time writing things for free.  I want people to enjoy stories, have a deeper understanding of character backgrounds, or just to have some fun.  I would also like to be able to maybe publish some of the things that get posted here.  Getting things edited properly, formatted, getting covers made...that all takes money.  I write tons more than I actually publish into books, but I would still like people to be able to read it.  Free stuff is awesome right?!

So if you read something on here that you really like, or want me to keep posting more, you can let me know by dropping me a dollar or two.  If you like what's going on here and you want me to keep it up or get some of this stuff cleaned up and in a form that you could download and carry around on a kindle, there's a button right over there.

Thanks so much to everyone for your love and support! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Journal Entry #13

Hello again!

It's Monday and that means it's journal entry time!

Today is a day filled with sadness and regret.  Lorenz has lost his best friend and he doesn't appear to be handling it very well.

Are Lorenz's thoughts of suicide real or just a reaction to losing his best friend?  You be the judge!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Journal Entry 12

It's that time again!

I hope you all are having a hap-hap-happy Labor Day!

On this lovely day I have just posted Journal Entry 12!

Lorenz finds out a shocking secret about his best friend E.  So shocking is it in fact that he becomes lost in anger and confusion.  Lorenz becomes violent his mind...deranged.  Did Lorenz just harm his best friend, or perhaps do exactly what the little nurse wanted him to do?

Check it out and judge for yourself!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Journal Entry #11

Hello all!  Guess what just went up?  That's right!  Journal Entry 11!

Dr. Lorenz Meissner has found a friend in the new boisterous and no-non-sense nurse 'E.'  However, will the two become -more- than just friends??

What happens when you mix a private dinner, a bottle of wine, and an open bathroom door!?

Find out in this week's journal entry!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Journal Entry 10!

Hello Folks!

Back in the saddle again this week.  Journal Entry 10 is now available for your viewing pleasure!

Lorenz has been living and working in the scary research facility for some time now.  He's tired and jaded.  But what is this?!  There's someone new in his little world and they're throwing him for a loop!

Who is this mystery woman?!  And why can he not take his eyes off her?!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Journal Entry #9

Will Lorenz lose his soul?

Lorenz has arrived in his new 'home' in Italy.  While he feared the worst, the doctor has discovered the research facility is not what he thought it was going to be.

What has Lorenz discovered thus far and will it lead to his undoing?  Find out in Journal Entry 9!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Journal Entry #8!

Journal Entry #8 is up for your viewing pleasure!

Lorenz finds himself behind enemy lines in the worst way. 

This is the entry you have all been waiting for!  Find out the details of how Dr. Lorenz Meissner came to be on the wrong side during WWII.  Learn the truth of his war history and his scientific studies.  Now you can reconcile the adorable shy young chocolate eater with the emotionally numb soldier.

Click the link and read all about it!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Journal Entry 7!

Journal Entry 7 is now up!

Lorenz is no longer a young and innocent man.  Let's skip ahead almost 20 years and find our lovely blond hero in dire straights.

The War is baring down upon him and his family.  They cannot remain where they are for very much longer.  What will become of them??

Click the link on the left to read all about it.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Journal Entry 6

Does the Devil Own Lorenz' Heart?...

Find out in Journal Entry 6!

Just click the link to the left and check out what's going on in the latest entry.

This will be the last installment before we fast-forward in Lorenz' life and see the next emotionally jarring point in his life.

Click to find out what happens when he meets the mysterious stranger during the Summer Festival!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Journal Entry #5

Poor Lorenz's life has returned to what it was before a mysterious stranger brought him to his knees...

What was that?  Well, rather a lot of a boredom.  The young man has realized that his life was filled with tedium and not a lot else.  His mother wants to marry him off, his father barely speaks to him, and all he wants to do is well...

Journal Entry 5 is up for your viewing pleasure!  See what young Lorenz Meissner is up to in this not-so-adventurous installment.

He may not be up wandering about a laboratory of horrors, but what he -is- doing might just be a tad...scandalous.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dedicated to Pride Month

Though it would have been nice to complete 'Isle of Illusions' during Pride Month. Three releases in a month is a bit of a stretch. It doesn't look like it's going to happen.

However! In celebration of Pride Month, I wanted to share part of a very special scene that I wrote within 'Isle of Illusions.'

All of my books carry with it the tone of just how much Shorty and Lorenz are forced to over-come as a couple. As a gay couple that met in one of the most tumultuous times in our history, their story is one of pain, sorrow, confusion, redemption, acceptance and over-coming what many would consider impossible odds.

I dedicate this scene to all the lovers out there who just want to be equal, to be happy, to feel be able to spin around on a beach with the one they love and not fear the consequences of others seeing.

The year is 1954 and these two just want to celebrate their anniversary like any other couple in the world...

In the direction of the beach the two of them ran. Lorenz’ hair and coat tails fluttered out behind him where the breeze caught. He did not dare look behind, as he knew that Cyrus would be coming up quickly. Just as he was about to reach the clear blue foam, arms came around his waist and spun him in circles. The two of them laughed as they twirled and twirled, the entire world falling away.

Though it was probably folly to be seen in such a compromising position, the lateness of the evening should have given them enough privacy to be a bit reckless.

The vampire leaned forward, gently placing his companion upon the sand, gasping for breath. “I caught you.” The doctor shook his head. “Nein nein! I vas here first! I vin.” The blonde’s chin jutted into the air triumphantly, causing the vampire to laugh harder. “OK OK fine, you win.” The two men stood staring at one another for a long moment. Emotions began to swell in their chests and they were about to lean in for a kiss when the sound of voices made them start and pull apart. The perfect stitch in time was crushed by reality so swiftly it nearly knocked the wind out of the lovers.

Down the beach towards the front of the hotel there was a sort of ‘beach party’ going on. The men looked to the lights with heavy sighs before turning away and starting to walk further into the darkest areas of the beach. They could not help the way their shoulders sagged beneath the unseen weight of the world.

“One day…” Cyrus began, looking back to his lover. “Hm?” Lorenz upped an eyebrow as his attention drew to the other male. “One day we won’t have to worry about being seen together.” The German snorted and rolled his eyes. “Zhere are far too many strikes against us, Mein Leibe. To say nozhing of zhe fact zhat ve are sodomites…ju are Negro, und I am German. Zhen ju are a vampire und I human.” Lorenz sighed heavily again, his shoulders slumping further. “Ist a lot to over-come…perhaps too much.”

The vampire was growling by the time they reached a rope with an Italian warning to ‘keep out.’ “That’s right, I’m a vampire and I do whatever I damned well please.” They were far enough from the hotel and with this part of the beach closed off, there were no lights. It was nearly pitch black, save for the moon and stars over-head.

Cyrus reached to place his hands upon Lorenz’ waist and lift the man up, turning to deposit him over the rope safely. Lorenz chuckled and shook his head. “Mein hero…” He stated with no small amount of amusement in his voice. The darker male grinned, showing his snaggled tooth as he held up his arms, going into a round of flexing his biceps.

The doctor could not help but laugh as he turned away from the display of ‘strength.’ “Ju are so ridiculous sometimes.” The honey-eyed man slithered up behind his lover, gripping the other by the rear firmly and squeezing. “You love it.” Lorenz jumped slightly, but ended up leaning back into his love’s grasp. The two continued to walk, more comfortable to be close within the darkness of the quieter beach.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Journal Entry 4 For Your Viewing Pleasure

Hello Everyone!

I just posted Journal Entry 4!  Click on the link to the left to read what happened the day after Lorenz' great adventure into his father's cellar.  Just when he thought things couldn't get any weirder...


Saturday, June 21, 2014


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Get yours today!


Monday, June 16, 2014

Another entry for your viewing pleasure!

Though it's technically the third journal entry, it's the second viewable (as I gave two the first time).

This time there's only one, but I think it's enough to wet your whistle.  I thoroughly hope you enjoy Journal Entry Number 3!  Click the links on the left panel to view the journal entries.  If you like what you see, please pass them around.

Thank you all for your support!

Monday, June 9, 2014

It Has Begun...

The first two journal entries have just been added.  In order to view them, click on the 'Journal Entry 1 & 2' link in the the navigation bar to the left.

I will attempt to update the Journal Entries at least once weekly.  There will not always be two of them.  Seeing as this was the first, I wanted to give plenty for everyone to read and get acquainted with.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check it out.

In addition to having the entries here, I will also be blogging thoughts, feelings, writing progress and other fun (or not so fun) stuff.  So be looking forward to that.

Welcome one and all!

~A.L. Wilson