Monday, September 15, 2014

Journal Entry 14

Guess what today is...that's right!  It's Monday!

And Monday means that it's New Journal Entry Day.

The war has hit a devastating crest and with it comes a storm like no other.  While Lorenz thought he would surely perish, an unlikely hero stepped in and saved him.  However, is Lorenz now a free man...or in a different kind of captivity?

Ladies and gentlemen today is the day that Lorenz writes in his journal about the first time he met the vampire that would become the love of his life.  This was not a meeting of sunshine and roses.  This was a meeting of blood, torment and terror.

If you have not read 'Phoenix Heart' this is how the book begins.  You need not actually read the full book or buy it in order to enjoy the scene that Lorenz talks about in this journal entry.  On Amazon or Smashwords you can look at the 'free' pages in the beginning.  Tie it all together and see just why Lorenz and Shorty's 'anniversary' is always so intense and bitter-sweet for the couple.  :)

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