Uncertain Vampire Prince

I was on my knees clawing my way through the last of the sand to what I had once hidden below, when I felt the presence within my mind.  A shiver ran up my spine, and then warm arms enveloped my consciousness.

“Father…” I muttered in a hushed tone.

His presence did little more than astral stroke and pet at my subconscious for a time.  I went about the task of digging up an old treasure trove of money.  It might have been cliché for a vampire to hide valuables, but considering how much I move about, it has served me well thus far.

“So it is official.  The two of you are entering into mutual domesticity.” His voice echoing within my mind nearly toppled me over.  Though I often feel my maker’s presence, it has been ages since I have actually heard his voice.

“I…I guess so, Father.”  Normally speaking within myself is much easier than blabbing on the outside.  I use humor and clowning to hide my true self, but on inside, where only my father can unfold the mystery, it is usually akin to breathing.  Today it is difficult.  I am confused, upset and afraid.  I know he will sense this, even with the few words that I am able to articulate.

“You are nervous, unsure, even as you are hopeful and over-joyed.  I am so pleased to see you like this.  There was a time that I wondered if this man could truly be the one, but now there are no doubts.”  His words are like purrs against my spine.  It is as if his lips are ghosting over my flesh, urging me to relax.

“How can you be pleased by my bewildered emotional state?  I’ve spent what…?  Three years in absolute agony over this man.  From the moment I laid eyes upon him, it was if he stole the very air from my lungs.  I cannot go a day without gazing upon his face.  This past year has been especially brutal.  I kept expecting him to grow tired of our arrangement, or to become frightened and disappear one day while I was sleeping.”  I take a deep trembling breath.  My eyes are closed tight and my limbs are shaking.  “When he said he wanted to stop traveling…to settle down and have a space of our own, it was like my heart grew wings.  I want to believe he’s serious about us, that it is not just a fleeting sexual fancy…”

“Tell me…how does Lorenz take his coffee?”  I’m confused by my father’s sudden change of subject.

“I…what?  His coffee?  Well, that depends.  If he had a good night sleep then it’s a half splash of cream and four sugars.  If he had nightmares then he’ll take it black with a bit of alcohol mingled in.  He prefers a good vodka, but if it’s a really bad day, truly he’ll take whatever he can get.”  I ramble on for a bit, feeling out of sorts.  A sheen of sweat has started on the top of my bald head and I draw in a deep shuddering breath.

“I see…and in what position does he sleep at night?”  Again his question baffles me.

“What in the…That would also depend—If the two of us have made love, he often curls against my chest and ends up in the most adorable little ball.  Normally he sleeps on his back, if we have not.  I think perhaps it’s because of the war.  Maybe from having small beds or cots…he doesn’t look particularly comfortable.  If I see him on his back I’ll put my head on his chest or stomach…mmm…”  My shoulders begin to relax and a smile curls across my lips.

“Is there any quirk or desire that you do not know?  Or that you do not seek to know?  Do you not wish to spend the rest of eternity learning everything about him and doing just as you described?  Making him more comfortable?  To make all that he is…all that the two of you can be…together?”  His words thunder through my mind like rampaging wild horses across the plains.

“…Forgive me, Father.  I should never doubt your wisdom.”  I fall to one knee and lower my head.  I know he is right.  I love Lorenz with all that I am and that is why I agonize over this change in our relationship.  It is a good thing.

I feel an astral hand ghost across my cheek and a tender thumb smooth against my bottom lip.  “My son, my beautiful and talented son—you cannot understand what it means to me to see you happy in this way.  I hope to meet your beloved in the future, when the time is right.  One day we shall be a real family, the way that Destiny has foretold.  Until then, try to let your heart be still, and enjoy moving in together, hmm?”

I nod slightly, smiling. and letting out a soft happy sigh.  “Thank you, Father.”

His presence slowly drew away from me and I was left to gather the money and return to Lorenz so that we could make it official.

I did my best to do as he bid me, to enjoy the move, and it wasn’t so hard, truth be told.  I never thought Lorenz would light up at the prospect of decorating an apartment.  The more we talked about what sort of furniture to place where and what colors to paint rooms…the more he came alive.  

The uneasiness I felt about our relationship began to smooth and settle.  I am growing slightly more confident about the two of us.  When he says he loves me, I try to believe it.  I want to believe it.  I do not think he would knowingly lie to me, I just find it hard to swallow a reality where anyone would want a vampire as short and awkward as me.  I am not what people speak about in fairy tales after all.

It’s ironic that the vampire princes in books are tall, thin, handsome, genteel, pale men.  The reality is meshort, stubby, dark, hot tempered, with a broken fang.  I shouldn’t have a poor self-esteem considering my father is one of the most beautiful and powerful vampires in the world, and I am his only child.  But that is my father, and I am just me.

Still, Dr. Lorenz Meissnertall, pale, blond, blue eyed, brilliant and beautiful, loves me.  This knowledge gives my heart wings and my soul brilliant radiance to shine.  I will return his love a thousand fold, from now until the end of time.

Our first night in the apartment was wonderful.  Amongst glowing candles we lie on bedrolls in what would be our new bedroom.  We talked about our new home until the candles went out and then snuggled together until light kisses became passionate.  Eventually we were making love.  Lorenz climbed above me and moved his hips like waves upon the ocean.  

As someone that is almost exclusively of the Earth, I can say with great conviction that my lover has ties to the ocean.  His body and even his temperament easily sway and roll.  It’s beautiful and erotic.  There are times when he rolls his body against me that I can almost smell the ocean and feel the cool salt spray against my cheeks.

Lorenz is made of magic, even if he refuses to believe it.

And so I, Cyrus the Vampire Prince, Son of the Pharaoh, and Dr. Lorenz Meissner, magical man of science and mystery are now living together—entering into a new chapter of our forever lives together.

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