Journal Entry 30

June 10th, 1946


Or at least some semblance of it.

I apologize for the long silence, Journal.  Cyrus and I have been quite busy.  The trip to Egypt took a few days, even using my lover’s powers of flight.  Then the two of us began the search for his ‘friend’ that would rent to us.  After that, it was the actual moving in part.

We stayed in a hotel for a night, or rather I stayed and Cyrus disappeared.  He returned the following evening with a suitcase of money.  He spoke not of where it came from, nor did I really think of asking.  I wonder sometimes about where vampires keep their possessions, but I’m not certain if I should ask.  I do not believe Cyrus would keep anything from me, it just seems odd to ask about money and valuables that he came across before the two of us became a couple.  It is difficult for me to conceptualize at times that my beloved is more than a few hundred years old my senior.

At any rate, we took the some money to this ‘friend’ and suddenly we had a stationary home.  The idea became a reality so quickly that my heart was pounding as the key slid into the lock.  It is far more spacious than I had anticipated.  From the door there is a tight flight of stairs to a landing.  I intend to put a coat rack and small table for keys there.  To the right is an open area that I would like to make a sitting room.  It has a door that leads into another room.  I suppose one might make this into a living area, but I intend to make it a study where I will see patients.  There is a door directly in front of the stairs that Cyrus wants to make a little office space for himself.  On the left is an archway that leads into a kitchenette, and there is a single bedroom and bath beyond the kitchenette down a small hall out of the main area.

Our new home is quaint, and for now, there is not much furniture, but I adore it.  It is ours and I feel that somehow, the job of decorating and talking of what we shall do with our space has brought us closer together.

The first night we slept on bedrolls in our new bedroom.  There were swatches of color on the walls and only a single candle on the floor nearby.  We huddled together, speaking in hushed tones about color schemes and placements of chairs.  I was so calm and happy.  Cyrus held me in his arms, lightly stroking my hair and kissing my brow.  Neither of us was really trying to get the other in the mood to make love.  We were just enjoying our new home.  

I could tell that Cyrus was happy as well, by the faint purring sounds that vibrated through his chest.  I am starting to differentiate between the inhuman sounds that my lover makes, and these were definitely sounds of happiness.

Eventually the candle went out and we settled down, but we were still talking.  He pulled me closer and kissed me tenderly.  The soft pecks turned to passionate lip locks and before I realized it, I had moved to straddle his body.  Touching him is becoming so much more natural.  We made love on the floor in our new home and it was wonderful.

I really think I’m going to like it here, Journal.

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