Journal Entry 28

June 1st, 1946

Being a City in a Bottle was quite an adventure.  At dawn everyone that was physically able gathered in the Town Square.  The Mayor gave a moving speech about togetherness and solidarity.  Even I felt a tug of emotionality towards these people and their struggles.  I found myself leaning against my lover and his arms came around me.  I was not ashamed or scared to express the true nature of our relationship and for a moment, just a speck of dust in the fabric of time, I can truly say that I was content.

As we prepared to be swept up by foreign and even frightening magics, I considered what it would be like to leave the ‘big’ world behind.  I thought of all the pain, hatred, and anger, and wondered what there was to return to.  In that moment I wanted to stay amongst these people, to learn of their science and medicine mixed with magical advances and be with my Cyrus in the way that I’ve always wanted.  A selfish notion, I’m well aware, but such a soothing one.

Most people live their lives in pursuit of happiness and my happiness comes in the form of a chocolate skinned vampire with a chipped fang.  However, because we are both men, there are things we are denied.  We will most likely always be denied certain luxuries that other couples take for granted.  Not here though, not amongst these sweet magical tiny people.  They’re kind, peaceful and accepting in ways I didn’t know people could be.  So why not stay here forever?  Why not I ask you?

Back to the more important issues of the day.  Forgive me, Journal.  As I stated, we were all huddled together in the Square and darkness flooded the city from one corner to the other.  There were startled shrieks and children began to cry.  The Mayor did well to call out to everyone, calming fears and being a beacon of light in the darkness, quite literally in fact.  He cast a spell to illuminate the space, making a soft green glow pierce the darkness.  Slowly the other citizens followed suit until the darkness fled and we were bathed in light once more.

After the darkness came a deafening rush of air.  We all fell to our knees with our hands over our ears.  It lasted only a few short moments, but it seemed like an eternity.  The ground shook, our bodies rocked, and there was this unnatural feeling of falling.  It was all quite terrifying and I wonder if some of the citizens might suffer from nightmares just from the initial part.  It didn’t get much more pleasant towards the end either.

Eventually, the world stopped jostling and came mostly to a halt.  Search parties began to fan out, using spy glasses atop the tallest buildings in search of the neck of the bottle.  By now we were so tiny it was difficult to know where we were.  It took almost half an hour to locate the front of the bottle.  We were placed near the center and facing the wrong direction.

It was not the best half hour for me.  After the jostling stopped I became aware that the air felt thin.  It was almost like climbing a tall mountain, or being out in a sharp snow storm.  It was crisp and not at all pleasant.  I could not accurately estimate just how much oxygen was within the container, but I was guessing it was not enough to sustain so many people for any great length of time.  The next few hours would be nerve wracking for me, to the point I felt as if I was developing an ulcer.

A party of twenty men and women, including myself and Cyrus, made our way towards the neck of the bottle.  It was far too long of a journey to go by foot, and so we flew.  Cyrus carried me of course, while the others used magic.  It still took several minutes to get there and I sweated the entire journey.  I worried over the citizens, wondering if they would suffer oxygen deprivation first because there were so many clustered together.  I would have to have those with me act far more quickly than just in an emergency.  The twenty of us would probably not be in as much dire straits as the thousands back in town.

Three hours passed with the twenty of us boredly standing in front of a massive cork.  It almost looked like a giant brown bolder.  To pass the time I inspected the massive blockage, touching it and feeling the pores.  It was much different from that of the smaller versions.  Where I was aware it would be somewhat smooth to the touch if I were larger, it was rough now, and my hands could slide into the bumps and ridges with me being this small.  It was all rather fascinating, but it wasn’t long before I was developing a headache, and I felt jittery and out of place.

I inspected my nails, noting they were taking on a bluish color.  That is when I went about checking on my comrades.  Lips were turning blue and a few were beginning to look drowsy.  I smacked a few cheeks and barked orders to begin removing the cork immediately.  

I probably should have forced them to start work before I did.  It became a frightening mad dash to work the cork out of the bottle and it proved far more difficult than we previously anticipated.  It was wedged tight and for fifteen minutes we made no headway at all.  Two of our team passed out, and the anxiety welled in me to the point tears collected on my lashes.

Cyrus bit his wrist, forcing the flowing blood to my lips so that I might go on without the need for as much air as the others nearby.  Twenty minutes later the cork was moving slowly, but surely, and we’d lost three more people.  I fretted terribly over the citizens back in town, envisioning children dying in the streets and parents crying out in despair.  I suppose that Cyrus was having similar thoughts, because I heard him growl in frustration.

A blast of nothingness collided with my back and I was planted firmly to the cork.  It moved harshly and I was thrust out into open nothingness.  I heard my Cyrus scream my name, and while I twisted in open blackness, limbs flailing to grasp anything, I felt his arms slide round me.

It took a moment to realize what had happened, but eventually I concluded that he used his powers of mind to shove the cork rather forcefully.  He had refrained before, afraid that he might blast all of us out of the mouth of the bottle, but seeing as how we’d all die without air, he must have decided it was worth the risk.

There was falling, and darkness, and then I collided with something and there was warmth, light and I was slightly damp.

Eventually, I roused enough to sit up.  I was lying on something green and smooth, and it was wet.  It was very strange and it took Cyrus who was still holding me tightly to explain that we had landed upon a leaf.

A few hours later search parties had gathered up all the missing citizens and we stood in the Town Square once again.  People had been scattered, but only slightly.  There were some injuries, but nothing life threatening.  From what we all could surmise, we were now in a damp, warm, tropical forest.  It was lovely, really.  The town rested at the base of a large mossy tree and there were leaves of some kind of plant in every direction.  The mages worked quickly to put up a new magical barrier and though some were still wary and frightened, it looked as if they were going to be all right.

It was truly a whirl wind journey.  I am still not convinced I do not wish to stay here permanently, but the feeling is not as strong as it was earlier.  Somehow I do not believe it is what Cyrus wishes.  He is a traveling man that moves about in search of wrongs to right.  If I were to try and tie him to one place, I think it would probably make him unhappy.  Perhaps this can be a place that we visit from time to time, however.

Anyways, I really want to bed down with my lover.  Another time, Journal.

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