Monday, December 22, 2014

A Short Story For Christmas

Happy Holidays!

Today is Monday and while typically this would lead to a journal entry, I am posting a short story instead!

If you have been keeping up on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., I have been working on a Christmas short story depicting a 'what if' scenario involving two of the characters from my world.

In Lorenz's journal we know that he once met a dashing vampire in a top-hat that tried to woo him and failed rather miserably.  If you have read Phoenix Heart, you might also be aware that he meets this vampire again later.

For those who follow Lorenz's lover Fate Trail, Cyrus meets a frustratingly sexy Texas Ranger whom he has a short encounter with.  This individual is shrouded in mystery.  He also happens to meet up with this individual again in Phoenix Heart.

Lorenz was not destined to end up with the top-hatted admirer, nor was Cyrus destined to forever romp with his friend-with-benefits, the hazel-eyed mystery man.  So then what if these two third wheels were to stumble upon one another?  It is not an easy thing to be the 'other guy' in a story where two people are destined to be together forever in the grandest of love affairs.  Why can't the 'other guys' have a little bit of fun eh?

Top-Hats and Measuring Sticks is a 'what if' adventure where Le Von Funar and Marcel the Moirae stumble upon one another pining for the men they can't have on Christmas.  This promises to be a very interesting Christmas.

While neither Le Von nor Marcel will ever admit that this interaction ever really happened, what I can tell you is that everything discussed during this encounter is 100% true.  There is a lot of lore, a lot of secrets, and a lot of outlandish claims in this story.  I wanted it to be a fun and sexy little read, but also be something titillating for my readers for another reason.  There are things that may take me years to get to or that I may never get to why not have a way to toss some things out for people to munch on.

There are things like, tidbits about the nature of the world itself, the nature of the Moirae, a big super secret about Le Von that is 200 years in the making, Horach's real name and real origins, the nature of Marcel and Horach's relationship, more info on people's sexualities, why people conduct themselves the way they do, all that and so much more!

I really really hope you guys will enjoy this fun little story.  I say 'little' but it's right at 7900 words.  Right now there is enough material on this blog for me to make into probably 3 Novellas at least.  Please, think about how much time and effort goes into this blog.  I really appreciate everyone's love and support.  Remember that writing is not a hobby, this is my job and putting things up for free is me working for you guys...for free.

The link for the short story is on the right near the Donate button, or you can click the link below.  :)

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