Journal Entry 46

August 6th, 1947

Tonight when Cyrus began getting ready to go out after sunset, I simply began getting ready as well.  He opened his mouth as if he might protest, but then said nothing.  Instead, he came up behind him, put his arms around me, and simply held me.  

We stood together, wordlessly in our bedroom for what seemed like eternity, though it was truly only a few moments, and then he simply drew away and went back to getting dressed. I knew he was anxious and upset, but I would not be moved in this pursuit.  I was going with him and that was the end of it.  If we are to truly be together forever, then I wish for us to act like it.

I think he could sense this from me, and knows it is what is best, even if it scares him because he fears for my life.

I know I am only a medic, but I would like to think that I have lived through a lot and can handle myself.  Not only did I live through the war in some of the worst places imaginable, but I also lived through traveling with Cyrus.  We have seen many hardships together and they have molded me into the man that I am today.

In any event, we prepared to leave together, but never got the chance.  I went to the door, putting down a few things on the table near it, only to be startled by a knock.  I stood in a fixed position for a few seconds, but eventually reached for the knob to draw it open.  Before I got a chance, however, Cyrus was at my side, putting his hand over mine.

When I looked up to him as if to question what he was doing, his face was grim and his jaw clenched tight.  He whispered to me that a vampire was on the other side of the door, and then lightly he pressed his forehead against mine.  We held the motion of comfort and intimacy before I slipped behind him and took out my crossbow, having it at the ready.  I did not care that it was in rather poor taste to greet someone at the door holding a weapon, I was taking no chances.

When Cyrus pulled open the door, we found ourselves face to face with a British man ringing a hat.  He looked to be in his late twenties, perhaps early thirties.  He was dressed nicely, if a bit disheveled, as if he’d been in a scuffle or perhaps running.  He stammered for a moment, pointing up and down street as he tried to explain he’d inquired several places and been told that a ‘Cyrus’ at this address helped aid with unusual requests, and that there was also a doctor.

Neither of us said anything as we stared at the man.  Despite how disarming and befuddled the man looked, Cyrus and myself were still cautious.  It was possible that it was all an elaborate ruse.
The man frowned at my crossbow, but did not seem surprised.  After a moment he sighed heavily, lowered his head in a low bow and asked politely, ‘May I please come in.’

Cyrus stood his ground for a moment that spanned far longer than was comfortable, then finally moved to the side and motioned the man inside.

He was led into Cyrus’ office with me at his back and my crossbow at the ready.  Eventually he sat down across from my lover and with a shrug I offered to make tea.  This seemed to perk up the fidgeting vampire and he said in a chipper tone, ‘That would be lovely!’

And so I made them tea, and only vaguely listened to a sordid tale of a beautiful woman and her promises of immortality.  Truly, it was like a terrible dime story novel.  And I should know about them, considering they are one of my guilty pleasures.

I sat in a chair in the corner, sipping tea as I watched Cyrus interacting with the man.  He seemed completely unmoved as the man described the woman seducing him and then eventually going through some strange ritual that I didn’t quite understand.  Whatever it was, the man didn’t seem to understand or remember much of it anyways.  

I’ll have to question Cyrus about it later.

The end result was the man becoming a vampire and he and his new sire traveling the world for several months.  Perhaps since the chase was up, or maybe because the man seemed so nervous and not to be taking to his new life, the woman left him.  

I did have a twinge of pity for him.  I could not imagine being left by my vampire lover.  Even if I did not love Cyrus, I know how dependent one becomes upon a vampire, and suddenly being abandoned by one in a strange land would be devastating.  I spent quite a long time trying to keep my independence from Cyrus.  It was ultimately futile, but I did understand his plight to some extent.

And so the man explained that the attacks on people, the bites, it was all him and he was extremely sorry about it.  He said he simply didn’t know how to control himself and that he had never been taught how to properly manipulate humans to feed, and he absolutely refused to kill.  He reasoned that he had felt a vampire on his heels the past few nights, and that Cyrus was probably sent to kill him, and he was there to plead for his life.

At the end of it, Cyrus sighed and shook his head, leaning back in his chair to explain he was not there to kill the man at all.  His mission was to find the Brit, secure him, train him properly and determine if he could be a proper vampire.  If he could, then he was free to live out his new life.  If he couldn’t, well that was another story.

No; punishment was to be given to the woman who made him.  

Apparently people were already aware of what happened to him, and the second step Cyrus was to go through after finding the Brit, was to find his sire, and punish her, perhaps harshly.

I was rather as surprised as the young vampire to hear this revelation.  However, I suppose I am…glad?  Tonight I got a glimpse of vampire society and gained understanding that I am pleased about.

I left the two to talk about vampire life, had a snack in the kitchen, then a bath and now I am at my bedside.  

Cyrus is lying behind me stroking my place in the bed.  Of course, he wishes me to join him.  I am slightly embarrassed to make love tonight, as our new ‘vampire friend’ is staying in the house.  I know he will hear us.  However, that is also somehow, thrilling?

Cyrus and I know a secret about that man, and so I believe he could not open his mouth about our secret, even if he wanted to.  I believe I shall climb into bed with Cyrus now, having those thoughts in mind.  I will not be especially loud, but I will let my vampire make love to me and I will enjoy it to the full extent.  

I may even ask him to bite me.

Until later, Journal.

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