Journal Entry 26

May 30th, 1946

My time spent in this tiny city has been fun, educational, daunting, world-changing, and disheartening all rolled into one massive ball of overwhelming feelings.  I have met with magically inclined scientists, eaten foods I never knew existed, and felt the joy and pain of a nation upon my shoulders.  This is not something I thought I would be engaging in pretty much ever.  However, I believe I am grateful for the experience.

Yesterday a committee met to discuss the situation.  Since I have been here there have been great rainfalls, Earthquakes and the literal blotting out of the sun.  Cyrus explained in front of a group of people that the natural disasters are most-like due to excavations from humans going on nearby.  The strength and frequency are growing ever closer and so the committee discussed how best to handle the situation.

I was more like a fly on the wall than an actual participant.  I had no idea what to tell these poor people.

There were all sorts of opinions, everything from believing that the humans would not come close enough to cause real harm, to believing whole-heartedly that the end of their world was mere moments away.  Cyrus proposed moving the entire city to a new and safer location.  There were other possibilities, including fortification, and a sort of pilgrimage, that included spiriting all the people away to another location for a short period of time in hopes of the humans moving along without destroying the city.

Everything that was proposed had great risks.  In the end, the majority chose to attempt to contact someone that Cyrus knows who has successfully moved another city such as this in the past.  It was not concrete that the city would move, but rather drawing closer to that decision.  They wanted to weigh the risks a bit better and receive feedback on how quickly the move could take place.  The committee also expressed wanting to disclose the results of the discussions to the general public and see how willing others were to moving.

I watched as my lover penned a note and then Thome attached the note to the leg of a beautiful bird.  As he tossed the creature into the air, it began to grow, expanding to the size of a normal bird and disappearing from view. 

Truly the magic of these people is something to behold.  And they have a whole academy of scientists that study energy manipulation and attempt to explain magic in terms of science!  I really like it here.  I want nothing more than to be able to help these people; right now though we must wait for a reply to my beloved’s message.

Last night we made love in a soft round bed with a twinkling purple lantern hovering above us.  The ambiance was mystical and soothing.  I felt especially close to Cyrus and his touches were intense.  Tears collected in my eyes, but they were not due to discomfort or pain.  I felt emotionally overwhelmed.  He kissed the tears away and held me.  I felt complete.  He did not attempt to speak, nor did I.  I am not certain there was anything that needed to be said.  It was simply bliss and I was glad for it.  

Both of us feel how special this place is and we are desperate to preserve that specialness.  Hopefully that response will come soon.  I am apprehensive that the natural disasters will begin seriously harming buildings, perhaps bringing about injuries or even deaths.  I suppose Cyrus and I can remove ourselves from the city and attempt to stop the people from doing whatever it is they are doing outside these tiny walls but…it would only partially stay the inevitable.  What if it even came to violence?  Do I have the right to harm someone for their ignorance?  It is not as if I can tell a human, ‘oh Sir, please stop you’re stepping on a person.’  This whole situation leaves me with a strange sense of helplessness.

Until I write again, Journal.

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