Journal Entry 44

August, 3rd 1947


I never thought I would be journaling about a case involving vampires.  I suppose it only makes sense that there are those who do things that are against some sort of ‘rules’ within vampire society.  However, it was beyond my comprehension before the events of the past few days.

It began as individuals bringing in loved ones suffering from lethargy, weakness, strange illness, and what was obvious to me as blood loss.  Of course, the blood was nowhere to be found.  A few of the victims even had visible bite marks.

My Cyrus began to get fidgety, growly, and brooding.  At first he did not seem like he wanted to deal with the situation at all, but when people started showing up with bite marks, he was no longer able to, what I assume was, ignore the problem.

He spent some time with a few of the people, convincing them with his mind that it was some sort of small animal, or a non-poisoning snake that had slithered into their bedrolls.  I could tell that it bothered him, as he does not like perusing the minds of others, let alone affecting them.

Then last night something happened that chilled me to the bone.

Long after the sun had set, there was a knock at the door.  I was tired and did not really feel like entertaining anymore patients, but I went to answer it anyway.  I opened the door and went to say hello, but what was before me stalled me in my tracks.  There were three men in blank masks standing in the doorway.  I tried to speak, but Cyrus was behind me with a hand upon my shoulder.  He told me to go to our bedroom, shut the door and not to come out no matter what I heard.

Needless to say, this did not stop the icy feeling in my veins.  

I tried to do as I was told, but eventually curiosity got the best of me and I crept out of bedroom and down the hall.  Cyrus was speaking to the men in his office, and I hovered nearby trying to listen in on the conversation.  I could not discern much, but from what I gathered, they were vampires and had come to Cyrus to speak about the situation with people being attacked.

They seemed to wish it to end as well, and end with perhaps the death of the vampire that was causing it.  I’m not sure if I am shocked by this or not.  I understand that the vampire is going around biting people left and right, but it almost seemed mild for a death sentence.  I suppose in the end, it simply puts them all in danger for someone to be doing this? 

I suppose I just can’t understand, though I would like to.

The men started to shuffle around and I fled back to the bedroom, actually hiding amongst the blankets and pillows of our bed.  I’m not sure why I was so shaken, but Cyrus came in some time later, untangling me and holding me.  He held me for a long time with neither of us speaking.  When he finally did speak, he simply apologized, rolled me over and kissed me deeply.

He bit me as we made love that night.  Cyrus rarely bites me and drinks my blood, but when he does the rush is unbelievable.  My legs were wrapped around his waist and he dove into my neck, splitting me open and drinking me in.  It was like I lived inside of him and could feel our love making from both our positions.  I wonder if it feels that way for him as well.  I imagine it must and that is why he does not do it often.  Such a thing would be far too easy to get addicted to.  As an alcoholic, I appreciate his restraint.

We did not speak about the men in masks, and I’m almost afraid to ask.  I think I will though, but a little later, when he seems less brooding.

Farewell for now, Journal.

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