Journal Entry 27

May 31st, 1946

Today has been plagued with ups and downs.  Everyone awoke to a terrible quake and this time there were substantial injuries and a few casualties.  I spent my time tending the wounded while Cyrus was helping pull people out of the rubble.  It was not a pretty sight.  The building hit the worst was a series of apartments, and so the injured and dead spanned from infants to elder couples.  It was an absolute tragedy.

While the injured were being relocated to a nearby hospital facility, a dark shadow settled over the entire town and people began to fear the worst.  However, in this instance it was not another disaster, but the possibility of reprieve.  The shadow was actually the friend that Cyrus had sent the letter.  The man had come in the flesh and as he stood over the town his figure blotted out the sun.

Cyrus went to meet with him and discuss the situation.  When my love returned the citizens had their answer on what they would do if relocation were possible.  They were all in agreement that they would have the city relocated.  Thankfully, Cyrus had good news that it was possible, if dangerous.

The plan as I understand it is to cast a spell on the city that will warp it into a bottle.  The city will become sort of like a ship in the bottle.  Cyrus’ companion will then transport the bottle to a safe place and redeposit the city.  It seemed magically logical enough for a Warlock to perform such a miracle.  However, the risks are great as they were explained.

The ‘ship in the bottle’ spell is not particularly meant to move an entire city of people.  I suppose normally one would be moving large objects or perhaps even an empty house.  Maybe if you want to move a heavy couch from one room to another and there was no one to help you?  I am not for certain, but at any rate, in order for the magic to work properly the bottle must be corked.  To that end, there is only going to be a certain amount of air within the bottle.  Cyrus’ friend will have to hurry to get the city to its new location or everyone could potentially suffocate.

In addition, were something to go wrong, and I do mean horribly wrong, like were the man to have a heart-attack on the way, or be robbed, etc.   All could be lost.   

So then the committee began discussing ways to avoid killing everyone inside the bottle, should the air become too thin.  It was decided that a team will position itself at the neck of the bottle and after a designated amount of time, they will begin pushing the cork out.  It is hoped that even if it is not an ideal location, it will hopefully be a better spot than where they are now.  Then, if it is not particularly perfect, hopefully Cyrus’ friend can merely scoop them up again and start the moving process anew.

I must admit this entire endeavor has me anxious.  I am not looking forward to being trapped inside a bottle with little air and even less idea as to where I am headed.  I have insisted that I shall accompany Cyrus and the team to the neck of the bottle.  Taking a good drink of Cyrus' blood I will be able to aid them in pushing out the cork.  On top of that, I am a doctor.  If the citizens start showing signs of lack of oxygen, I will recognize it.  We hope to be pushing the cork before it becomes that apparent, but how can one truly measure the oxygen reserves inside a tiny bottle?  The guess work that is going into this plan is beyond insane.  However, the city surely cannot withstand another disaster like it had today.

Everyone is to get some rest tonight and we begin this dangerous journey tomorrow.  Wish us luck, Journal.

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