Monday, March 30, 2015

Journal Entry 35

Happy Monday Everyone!

It's New Journal Entry Time

Lorenz is at his wits end.  Not only is he taking care of a gaggle of children and their dog, but he's also trying to save a life.

With all his medical know-how, and some supernatural intervention, Lorenz is still afraid he might lose his patient.

It's a sad and stressful day for Lorenz, check it out!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Journal Entry 34

Hello And Happy Monday!

Yes, it's Monday again, and while Monday signifies another slow crawl to Friday, it also brings with it...a Journal Entry!


Lorenz was just getting used to having a little ghost boy following him around for seemingly no reason, when perhaps the reason presents itself?

So now there's four children and...a dog?  Lorenz and Cyrus have a full house while Lorenz fights to save a young life.  Check it out! :D

Monday, March 16, 2015

Journal Entry 33

Happy Monday Everyone!

We are back to our regular schedule and that means a new Journal Entry!


Today Lorenz is going about a daily routine when he runs into something unusual.  Could he have bumped into a ghost while doing some leisurely shopping?

Guess you'll have to read to find out!  ;)

Friday, March 13, 2015


You might have noticed I have a new rainbow button over there... --->

I will be participating in the Hop Against Homophobia, Bi- and Transphobia this year.

May 17th I will have a nice lil' post and be giving away some titles.

Help us all celebrate love and diversity this year on the official day against Homophobia, Bi- and Transphobia.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Love Is An Open Road

Happy Monday Everyone!

I know that Monday usually brings about a journal entry, but today is a little bit different.

I have taken a prompt from 'Love is an Open Road' on Goodreads.  Basically, readers use a picture and write up a little prompt for a story.  Then authors peruse them and snag up a prompt to write a story.  So a reader gets to see an idea that s/he/they had come to life.  Fun huh!?

Well, today instead of a journal entry, I was going to post a teaser from the story that I am writing.

The prompt was simple enough...a young incubus is being forced to find a mate.  If he doesn't mate, he'll end up dying.  Normally this would entail finding a female succubus, alas, he's just not interested.  Soooo, will he meet someone more suited for him before it's too late!?  And off I go.

This is the incubus that was selected by the reader to be the main character.  I have named him 'Mikhail.' 

Mikhail - 18 years old, feminine, soft-spoken for an incubus, enjoys reading, magic affinity.

And this is the incubus that I have selected to share the stage with him.  I have named this beauty 'Talon.'

Talon - 21 years old, crass, rude, enjoys getting into fights, riding motorcycles, brute force affinity.

And here is a snippet of when the two first met.  I'm sorry this has not been edited.  This is straight from the rough draft that I am working on.  I just wanted to give people an idea of what I'm working on.  I hope you enjoy where I'm going with the story if nothing else.  :)

____________Synchronizing Souls_____________

Talon was still searching the crowd and Yaya watched him closely, lips pursed around a pink straw.  It was as if instinct had taken over the young incubus.  Then, Yaya nearly choked on his drink.  The back of Talon’s left hand had begun to glow.  It was faint, and had he not been so close, he might have assumed it was the lights of the club.  Yaya’s mismatched eyes went wide, and then Talon froze up, his eyes trained on something, or someone, across the room.

Mikhail was still holding his glass of water tightly in one hand.  The ice was all but melted and he’d not taken but a few sips.  Somehow he’d managed to wedge his slender body against a wall and put a table in front of him so that gyrating bodies would not be bumping into him.  He was absolutely miserable.  He was wearing a black jacket with a hood, and he’d pulled the hood up over his golden locks, blue eyes peering out at the happy grinding crowd like each person was some sort of foreign species he could not possibly comprehend.

Every few seconds he scanned the crowd, more out of desperation than true interest.  His chest ached and his eyes stung.  Mikhail still hoped to find a succubus that would accept him as a mate.  If only there was someone that wouldn’t embarrass his family too badly.  Once he was mated he would move away and they could forget about him, but this one task had to be completed successfully.

Unfortunately, as the night wore on, not only did few look his way, but he felt absolutely nothing towards any of those that made the gesture to glance upon his feminine features.  He was inching towards the back exit when the door burst open and three women in flowing gowns came floating into the thumping club.  This was not your average young succubus clique looking for a good time.  Mikhail’s eyes went wide and fear gripped his chest as the visage of the woman in front cast a shadow over his body, complete with spiraling horns from the sides of her head.

Mikhail began to panic, nearly dropping his glass of water as he inched along the back wall.  Though he was desperate to be mated, he wasn’t that desperate.  These were Man Eaters.  There were incubus men who didn’t mind being kept by ancient women as pets, but he surely wasn’t one of them.  He didn’t particular like the idea of being mated to a woman at all, adding a chain around his neck wasn’t making the prospect look any better. 

He managed to set the glass down despite the way his hands were shaking.  He had to slip out without drawing attention to himself, but each time he tried to get through the crowd, sweat-drenched bodies tossed him away from his goal.  Sexual energies were at their peak, and he had no idea that it was his own frustrations which were causing them.  He reeked with the desire to be set free from his seal and now eyes were turning towards him.

Across the room two dark almond-shaped eyes cut through the crowd and frightened blue doe eyes met them.  Both Talon and Mikhail momentarily froze in place.  Neither had seen the other before and yet a connection was formed from across that room.  Mikhail felt his pulse race and his breath quickened.  His sexual energy rushed throughout the room like fingers in search of a familiar hand.  Each succubus or incubus it touched began to dance faster, harder, arms raised towards the ceiling in bliss.

Talon had begun to cross the room towards Mikhail when a dark and suppressive shadow broke his contact with those bright blue eyes.  He gave a snarl, motioning behind him.  “Yaya let’s go!”

Mikhail shrank back from a pair of rather impressive breasts.  His spirit recoiled back into his body like someone snapped a rubber band.  His back pressed against the wall and he turned his face away from the succubus.  He had half a mind to scream.  Though she was beautiful, powerful, and probably rich and influential, Mikhail felt fear, and something akin to loss, with her looming over him.

“My, my, my, aren’t you a pretty little thing.  I almost thought you were a woman as I gazed at you across the room.  But no…this scent, you are definitely male.”  Her hand pushed his hood back and she threaded long clawed fingers through his hair.

Mikhail choked back tears, trying to think of something to say.  Internally he chastised himself.  He must have looked so utterly pathetic.  He was an incubus!  Why was he standing here sniveling like some sort of human!?  It was no wonder the Man Eaters were out in full-force.  His lips parted and tried to speak, but no sound escaped.  

And then, something warm gripped his hand, making a throb start where the heat touch and then pulse up his arm and throughout his entire body.

“There you are!  Fuck, the crowd is crazy tonight.  Come on, man!  Let’s get out of here!”  Talon tugged Mikhail against his body with a sharp jerk.  His dark eyes glanced up and down the succubus before he winked boldly.  “Nice tits.”

The succubus hissed sharply and made a swipe of her hand as if to scratch Talon but he moved like the wind.  Darting away he moved to jump onto a table, still holding Mikhail close to his chest.  The crowd roared to life as Talon picked Mikhail up, and started to carry him bridal style while jumping from table to table, even using a few heads as platforms to make for the back door.

“That boy belongs to me, cretin!”  The succubus growled out, the other two women appearing beside her.  They moved like shadows through the crowd and were just about to catch up when a tall figure arose in front of them, pausing their progression.

Yaya’s golden cat eye peered at the women from beneath his mop of black hair.  His shadow spread forward like black water and covered the room in darkness.  The women hissed, shrinking back and glaring.  

“The Hermit!?  What business do you have…”

“Silence!”  A booming deep voice came from Yaya, now only a shadow with one golden cat eye peering out.  “Follow us, and I will devour you.”  The shadow receded and Yaya’s back disappeared out the door following Talon.

Outside the air was cool and the demon moon shown down upon the trio in haunting trickles of blue.  Talon took a deep breath and then started to jog, Mikhail still held against his chest.  Mikhail’s golden hair seemed to glow, and his blue eyes were wide as he stared up at Talon.  

After a moment of being thunderstruck, Mikhail started to squirm.  “I…I can walk!”  He blurted out, with a bit more force than he intended.

Talon smirked, glancing down to the squirming young incubus in his arms.  The boy was cute, slender, feminine and soft spoken.  “Can you?  Well, that’s good to know.”  He winked a dark eye, but did not put Mikhail down, instead he moved swiftly over to a motorbike and half tossed the youth onto the back of it.

“Ah!  What…what are you doing!?”  Mikhail exclaimed, feeling someone slithering up onto the bike behind him.  He yelped and tried to get off, but slender arms wound around his waist, holding him in place.

“Ssshhh, be still, child.  Though I have deterred the Man Eaters for now, you still look delicious.  Let us escort you away.”  Yaya purred into Mikhail’s ear.

Talon slid a leg over the front of the bike and pressed his palms against bizarre bone-decorations.  He seemed to massage at the vehicle, rather than look for a keyhole.  In fact, Mikhail didn’t see a keyhole at all.  Furling his brows he peered over Talon’s shoulder just in time to see runes light up all over the bike as it roared to life.

Mikhail gasped, “This bike is alive!”

Yaya thrust his hips forward, bumping into Mikhail’s rear and shoving the young incubus abruptly into Talon so all three were grinding lewdly together.  Mikhail tried not to, but a moan escaped him, half drowned out by the bike thundering beneath him.  The vibrations weren’t helping to quell his desire much either.

Talon glanced over his shoulder, “You are correct.  This is my baby, and she answers only to me.  Oh, I’m Talon by the way.  And the weirdo behind you is Yaya.  Sorry about the insanity, but you didn’t look like you wanted to become a pet.  I dunno why, but I decided to lend a hand.  Anyways, hello!”  Talon laughed faintly, waving over his shoulder.

Mikhail felt his cheeks heat up and he cleared his throat.  “Mikhail, my name is Mikhail.  And thank you.  I wasn’t interested in what those women had to offer, no.”

It had been a long time since Yaya had heard Talon laugh.  Even if it was just a half chuckle from a ridiculous situation, it was enough to give the old incubus hope.  These two young ones had similar energy and could synchronize from across a room.  Shaking his head he reached back to grip the bar behind him, stretching his long body as he spoke.  “Mikhail, you might want to hang on.”

Mikhail glanced over his shoulder to Yaya, noting the one golden cat eye, and the horn that was growing out of Yaya’s left temple.  Though Talon was clearly a young incubus, Yaya was as old, if not older than the women from the club.  He was pondering this, along with the cross tattoos of loss under Yaya and Talon’s eyes.  Both of these men had lost mates.  

Then, the bike roared to life and jerked forward.  Mikhail let out a shout before managing to clamp his arms around Talon’s waist.  He shoved his face into the other’s back and clung tightly.  With how close Mikhail was, now he could drink in the other’s scent.  The leather smell from Talon jacket slowly parted to reveal Talon’s natural musk and something sweet hot like cinnamon.  Shivers ran up Mikhail’s spine as he continued to drink in Talon’s scent.  He smelled nice, strong, enticing, thrilling…

“You must be really close to your birthday.  Even the vibrations of my bike are giving you a boner.”  Talon noted over his shoulder.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Journal Entry 32

Happy Monday Everyone!

Yep, it's Monday again.  That means a new Journal Entry.

Lorenz and Cyrus are still happily working on their new apartment.  Things seem to be going well when...Lorenz ends up at a brothel?

What in the world happened here?  I guess you'll have to read to find out.  ;)

It's tickling feathers, blushing doctor's, and lamb chops in this week's journal entry!