Journal Entry 3

Late June 13th, 1925

I am back from my adventure to my father’s laboratory and I do not know where to begin.  It was nerve wracking just leaving my room and slipping down into the depths of our dark home.  Everything was quiet and still.  While I would have normally found this appealing to the senses, it was not the case tonight.  

The eerie quiet made my movements seem to stand out.  With each step upon the stairs there was a squeak as if to signal my intent to broach the sanctity of my father’s personal space.  Down the hallway my feet made shuffling noises that were almost deafening.  My heart was pounding in my ears, and though it was madness to think that other people could hear my heartbeat, I was somehow certain that it gave away my approach to that blasted door.

In the darkness it was difficult to slide the key into the lock.  Each time I slipped, I imagined I would drop the key and it would somehow be lost to the annals of history.  Eventually, however, I did finally get the key inserted properly and turned it with yet another eerie terrible screech.  With the door unlocked there was nothing keeping me from my desire to breech the threshold of this space of horrors.  Yet I paused at the top of the stairs, as if expecting some terrible monstrosity to leap up at me and attempt unthinkable horrors upon my person.

I am not certain where all these thoughts were coming from.  Perhaps it was the shock at seeing my father doing such terrible things to the stranger.  It had truly rocked my world to its very foundations.  Writing about it now, I can see where the edges of my existence have frayed.  I will not say ‘only a little’ because it is far more than a little.  I am not the same carefree man that arrived here on the train to visit his parents.  I am someone different.

Down the stairs I crept, closing the door behind me despite how frightened I felt.  Being discovered was a real possibility and was I to leave that door open; I could not fathom what my father might do to me.

The lab was even darker than it had previously been when my father was performing inhuman acts upon the stranger chained to the wall.  There was only a single candle which I spied on a tabletop on the far end of the space.  There was very little illuminated, and I could not immediately see the stranger within the sterile environment.  Eventually my trembling knees carried me to the bottom of the steps and I called out into the darkness with a shaky tone.  In hind-sight, saying ‘hello’ in a questioning tone was probably as ridiculous as entering the laboratory itself.  But it did net me the sound of rattling chains and a shadow moving throughout the space.

Upon the wall a large shadow was cast, but it was low to the ground, like an animal or someone shuffling upon all fours.  I was frozen to the spot, unable to neither scream nor turn to run back up the stairs.  Slowly the shadow moved in closer and then grew larger as the owner stood up onto two legs.  Somehow I found my voice and managed to ask the man if he was all right.  I stated with a tremor in my tone that I had seen what my father did to him, and I wished to examine him; to make sure that the wounds were not angry or infected.  I told him that whatever he had done, I would aid him and help him escape from this hellish place.  I believe I even apologized to the man.

Though I know not why, I felt my blue eyes fill with tears once again.  I cannot express why I felt the need to cry when I was near this stranger.  It was as if I could feel his pain.  My back started to burn and I choked, nearly dropping to one knee.  That is when an arm caught me, drawing me up and holding me still.  The man was completely nude and his body was slick with sweat, though his flesh was chilled to the touch.  He pressed his body tightly to mine and moved his face forward brushing his nose along my cheek and down my neck.  I wanted to cry out, but I was unable to move or even breathe.

The things he said fill me with more confusion than my father’s actions.  He told me that I looked just like my ancestor, and that it was hard for him to hold his emotions at bay.  Panic started to well up in my chest as I felt his lips against my neck.  His mouth opened and I could feel his teeth scrape against my flesh.  They were not like normal teeth, however.  I know how it might sound, but I am certain they were sharp like the canines of a dog.  I know he was going to bite me.  It was as if he was going to eat me!  As I had said previously, it was the feeling of a predator.  Part of me wished for him to swallow me whole, but the panic and confusion was too over-whelming.

I pressed my hands firmly to his chest and shoved as hard as I could.  I believe I told him ‘no’ and without warning he dropped to his knees without protest.  It was like he stopped attacking me and took orders; as if I was royalty!

My head hurts and my chest aches.  I am crying again and I cannot stop the flood.  I wish to write more, but I am not certain what I could go on about.  I fled the laboratory and locked it up tight behind me.  Clearly, because I am writing this, I am back in my room.  I locked my room from the inside and even pushed my bookcase up against the door so that I am certain no one can enter without my permission.  I do not know if I will be able to sleep tonight, but I am going to try.

I will keep you abreast of the situation as it develops, Journal.

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