Hear No Love


Several feet above the Sea of Galilee a figure hovered over the water.  The salty breeze twisted in dark locks and caused them to toss about sun-kissed cheeks.  The odd hovering individual appeared solemn, perhaps even forlorn as he gazed down at the quiet waves.  Dark eyes stared, as if his gaze could penetrate the depths and force them to give up some long lost secret.

A second figure had appeared hovering amongst the warm air, moving in close to the first.  A soft kiss was pressed upon the first man’s temple, right where a light dusting of silver was forming in dark locks.  It caused the person so deep in thought to look up, which was the second man’s intention.

Hazel eyes smiled down into deep dark ones, and Marcel began to sign.  “I’ve not seen you here in many, many moons.”

Horach let out a silent sigh, his shoulders slumping as he glanced downwards before looking back to his beloved Fate.  “Humans have discovered part of my home.”

Marcel nodded in response, reaching out to ghost fingertips against Horach’s (also known as Father Time) cheek.  “Well, it was only a matter of time eh?  Much of that place may be lost to the ages, but there are still some old structures beneath the waves.  They haven’t found anything dangerous have they?”

Horach shook his head, dark locks kissing at his cheeks.  “No, not yet.  As you say, though, it’s only a matter of time.”  His hands moved with swift dexterity through the air as he spelled out his thoughts.  “I will have to take steps to slow down their progression.  The temple cannot be disturbed until there are adequate people to handle the evils within.”

Marcel slid his arms around his beloved, drawing the Keeper of Time to his chest and pressing his face into those flowing locks of brown.  He breathed the other in, just holding him and enjoying the closeness.  Finally, he moved back enough that he could speak using his hands so that Horach could see the words.  “Will there ever be people in this world that can do such a thing?  I hate to always be the pessimist in your life, but you were the only person that stood against them.  There was only one creature like you back then, and I truly believe there shall never be another like you no matter how long this world lasts.”

A smile crossed Horach’s lips and he reached up to poke Marcel in the nose.  “You’re sweet, but I am not as special as you wish to believe.”

Marcel rolled his hazel eyes and scowled at the horizon.  As far as he was concerned, Horach was a creature truly one-of-a-kind.  The Fates had never known a person be able to rewrite their own Destiny before Horach was born.  It had only happened once, and never since.  “You were born human, rewrote your life, became Father Time and are able to magically clone yourself to over-see all of Time.  How is that not eternally special?  And…and you’re everything to me.  There is no one that I will ever love more.  Me!  I am the biggest asshole in the universe and you have made me love you.  How is that not special?”

Horach leaned up, lightly pressing his lips to Marcel’s in a chaste and tender kiss.  “I love you.”  He signed simply in reply as he broke the kiss.

Marcel tried to grump and scowl, but his fingers moved to sign, “I love you too.”

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