Journal Entry 25

May 27th, 1946

Tiny people.  Tiny people!  We are in a city of tiny people!  And when I state ‘tiny’ I illustrate this with our first meeting of a young man named ‘Thome.’

We traveled for three days without our caravan and then came to what looked to me like absolutely nothing.  It was almost like we were staring at this big mud puddle.  While I was nothing but confused, Cyrus held this grave look upon his features.  Then, he crouched down and held out his hand.  I thought a bug was crawling up into his palm, but it was a man!  A little man!  I was so shocked that I stumbled and almost fell upon my backside.

Thome was sharply dressed in a little pin-striped suit and holding a pocket watch.  He brushed bright lime green hair out of his face and pointed furiously at the pocket watch before thrusting his finger towards the stars above.  I only heard a few strained squeaks, but Cyrus was nodding over and over as if the two were having a conversation.

Thome easily fit in my beloved’s palm, equaling in height to about his middle finger and only a bit bigger around than the same finger.  As I mentioned, he had bright lime green hair and matching sparkling green eyes.  His flesh was a deep almond and his face held a gentile smile.  He seemed harmless enough, for a tiny man.

Being left out of the conversation was frustrating, but I stood and marveled over the small person until Cyrus finally began to explain that Thome was a sort of ambassador for his people.  When ‘bigger people’ came to their lands with intent to enter them, he was the one to do the greeting.  He spoke many languages and knew our customs.  He had clothing that resembled our own and he could pass for a ‘bigger person’ only smaller.

I could only nod mutely, as I had no idea what was happening.  

Cyrus began to walk with Thome sitting in his palm and I simply followed.  We eventually ended up in the shadow of a rock facing and he explained that Thome was also a competent magic user and I should hold my breath.  I was about to ask why I needed to hold my breath, but before I managed to speak a word, my world grew a whole lot bigger.  Or perhaps I should explain it more in terms of I just got a lot smaller.

That’s right!  I’m tiny!  It’s remarkable.  I have seen magic spells in action, but nothing could have prepared me for being shrunk.  I stumbled around for a bit like an infant not certain of his feet, and then finally was able to speak with Thome on his own level.  He is indeed a genteel fellow with a good sense of humor.  We followed him through rocky terrain that used to be just, the ground, now seemed like steep caverns and mountains.

Then something happened that took my breath away.  With the wave of his hand a shimmer erupted in the air and before me appeared a city with glittering lights and tall spires.  I tried to imagine how big it is to someone of my height before I was shrunk down.  It is probably not more than ten feet wide, but now it is an enormous metropolis, filled with moose-like beasts you can ride, and beautiful twisting trees that grow fragrant pink fruits shaped like apples that taste like peaches.

The people here are incredible as well.  Though Thome looks like anyone I might meet upon the street, sans the lime green hair; there are some here with sparkling colored skin or even fluorescent wings.  At one point as we traversed the twisting roadways of this tiny city I leaned towards Cyrus and whispered, “Are we in the land of the fairies?”  He grinned to me and whispered back, “Something like that.”

Later Cyrus informed me that these people are known as ‘Oovulits’ and while thought to be distant cousins to the more common fae folk, they are unable to change their size or shape shift.  Their magic in terms of ‘changing’ things only works on other races, and not themselves.  The Oovulits are peace loving people, but highly endangered.  Cyrus explained that in his long life he had watched over a hundred such tiny cities be dwindled down to only around twenty, thanks to humans.  The Oovulit cities are protected with strong magical barriers that make them seem like mundane terrain, but that cannot keep them from being trampled or torn apart by manmade machines.

Thome explained to us over dinner one night that machines had been spotted in the area and the people feared that the space where the city sat was about to be used to house humans soon.  That would mean the city and all its people were in danger of being ripped to shreds.

I have done many terrible things in my life, but nothing has ever caused me to stop and think more than being amongst the Oovulit people.  A simple act such as walking without care can uproot an entire family.  Humans trample across the Earth without thought to what the consequences might be.  In trying to ‘make the world a better place’ are we actually destroying intricate parts of it for entire civilizations we refuse to see?

When Cyrus first gently scooped Thome up from the soil beneath his feet, I could not even understand what the man was saying.  I realized that I was not listening hard enough.  My beloved vampire has patience and wisdom that I do not have.  Though some would claim that vampires are monsters because of their need for blood to survive, I cannot help but think that is just another example of a human not taking the time to listen and understand.

My world has vastly expanded since I came to spend a few days amongst the Oovulits.  I am deeply invested in the welfare of these people and while I do not yet know how we are to save them or their tiny town.  I know in my heart that Cyrus will come up with a plan.  I am by his side in whatever he decides is the best course of action.
Until next I write, Journal.

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