Monday, November 17, 2014

Journal Entry 22


It's a snowy Monday for me how about you?  Oh wait, I'm supposed to be announcing something else aren't I? ;)

Yes it's Monday and that means Journal Entry!

Lorenz is yet again trying to detox from Cyrus' vampire blood.  When things get heavy, will they finally take the plunge and admit to each other how they truly feel?  Is it time?  Has the awkward dance gone on long enough!?

Find out!

For those who have read Phoenix Heart, Journal Entry 22 coincides directly with a scene from Chapter 5.  In Chapter 5 Shorty(Cyrus) has a flashback about this very moment in time.  In the book this scene is from Cyrus' perspective.  The journal entry is of course from Lorenz's perspective.  I hope you enjoy!

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