Journal Entry 40

July 20th, 1947

It appears we are back to ‘normal’ around here. Not only am I seeing patients again, but we also have a ‘case’ to investigate.

It all started when a man appeared at the door in the middle of the night.  I was making some notes on a woman I had seen previously and so Cyrus answered the knock.  When I looked up from what I was doing, Cyrus was dragging the now unconscious man in and lying him onto a cot.  He explained that he mumbled something about ‘the head of a jackal’ and then promptly fainted.

The man was burning up with fever, and as I started to remove some of his outer layers of clothing, I realized also had wounds somewhere, as he was bleeding profusely.  It took some doing, but after I finally got him stripped, I found that he had a bite mark on the back of his neck, and claw marks down his back.

That night as I worked to clean the wounds, stitch, and tend to the fever, the man slipped in and out of consciousness several times.  He babbled about being out in the desert and having been attacked by a creature with the body of a man, and the head of a jackal.

After giving the man a small sedative to help him rest peacefully, Cyrus and I began to speak.  I asked if he believed the man’s tale for one thing, and if he did, could it have been a werewolf attack?  

Cyrus replied that the man seemed to be telling the truth, at least the very least he believed that was what happened to him, but the marks did not look big enough to be a werewolf.

Cyrus had no idea what to make of a creature with the head of a jackal and the body of a man.  We left my patient to sleep and got some rest ourselves.

The next day the man was able to sit up, eat, and regale us with the tale again.  This time he offered more information, being of note that he was out ‘treasure hunting’ and had been digging through a small patch of sand that was supposed to house some sort of ancient treasure.  How he knew there was treasure in this particular spot of the desert, he would not say.

The man was able to be persuaded to show us the spot where he was bitten, however.  It took some convincing, but he eventually understood how this ‘jackal’ might attack others and would need to be dealt with.  To this end, I am writing this entry from a tent.

I was not particularly happy about this.  I thought we left this life behind, but of course my beloved was right, if there’s something out here harming people, we have to do something about it.  He can be so persuasive, especially when he’s right behind me, nibbling on my ear.  I’m finding it increasingly difficult to continue journaling when his hands are working their way under my clothing.  He’s whispering in my ear about the first time we made love, and how it was in a tent just like this.

I have to close out journal.  I’ll write again when we have more information about this ‘jackal.’

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