Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Stories!

Hello Everyone!

Today I added a new section to the blog called 'Other Stories.'  It's to your right next to the donate button.

This will be a place to find other stories that I might write which have nothing to do or perhaps very little to do with Lorenz's journal.  The story that is there currently has nothing to do with the journal.

'Seven' is a short story that I was challenged to write by my friends.  The challenge was a joke that people thought I could probably do, but also wondered what I could possible do with. 

The challenge was to write a story about a dog with seven heads and seven penises.  Especially considering that I tend to write romance-related stories...the possibilities of what I could do with this prompt spanned from the funny to the down-right outrageous.

What I came up with...was the story of Cerberalious.  Cerberalious is a Guardian from a fantasy world far far away.  He does indeed have seven heads and seven corresponding penises.  He is a beastly looking creature with a heart of gold.  It is a story about how beauty is only skin deep.  Much like Quasimodo in the bell tower, can Cerberalious with his foaming maws find love and have a happy ending, or will it end in some tragic thing with a hanging?

I like happy endings, so let's hope that I wasn't evil with this story.  Hop on over and check it out.  It is split at one point so that people who might not be interested in the more 'explicit' scene can opt out of that part and just read the PG13 version.

Speaking of the donate button, you might wonder why that's even there.  Well, I spend a lot of time writing things for free.  I want people to enjoy stories, have a deeper understanding of character backgrounds, or just to have some fun.  I would also like to be able to maybe publish some of the things that get posted here.  Getting things edited properly, formatted, getting covers made...that all takes money.  I write tons more than I actually publish into books, but I would still like people to be able to read it.  Free stuff is awesome right?!

So if you read something on here that you really like, or want me to keep posting more, you can let me know by dropping me a dollar or two.  If you like what's going on here and you want me to keep it up or get some of this stuff cleaned up and in a form that you could download and carry around on a kindle, there's a button right over there.

Thanks so much to everyone for your love and support! 

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