Journal Entry 33

June 25th, 1947

Another week had almost gone by without so much as a cloud in the sky.   

Our apartment is now nicely decorated, and we finally have a bed to share.  We were both far more excited to share a bed than we probably should have been.  I must admit that sinking into pillows while feeling Cyrus’ strong arms around me has become the highlight of each of my evenings.  We do not have to make love for it to be enjoyable either; sometimes we just hold one another and talk.  It’s soothing and makes me feel ‘human’ as ironic as that sounds.

Be that as it may, today began what I am assuming shall be the start of another case.  

I went to market just before sunset.  I have found that as things begin to grow dark, the traders become more apt to haggle over prices.  I can obtain cheaper deals as they wish to unburden themselves with left over stock.  Not to mention that Cyrus often sleeps until after sundown and thus I get home from shopping around the time he rouses for the evening.

At any rate, today I was shopping when something brushed my leg.  I looked down to see a doe eyed, filthy child glance up at me, look frightened, and then dart away through the crowd.  I looked to the merchant with a questioning gaze, but he either didn’t see the child, or didn’t care.  It is not uncommon to see the occasional downtrodden street urchin, especially children, but something about the child’s appearance kept nagging me.

Later on my trek home, I saw the same child peeking out at me from around a building.  He looked lost, scared, and alone.  I bent down and motioned to the boy, but he shied away.  As I stepped closer he turned and began to run.  I have no idea why I chased after him, but I did.  I followed the child around a corner, only to come to a halt as he had seemingly vanished without a trace.

Confused, but no worse for wear, I continued home and arrived just as Cyrus was making some coffee.  I have come to understand that he mingles a bit of human blood in with his ‘morning’ pick-me-up.  It gives him a better disposition after a rough night.  

I waited until he was seated at the kitchen table and then started to unpack groceries and a few treasures I procured.  We chatted absently as I began to chop some vegetables.  It was like any other day, until that boy from the street was just sitting on the counter peering down at the vegetables I was preparing.

I know it was ridiculously of me, but I shouted in surprise.  The boy jumped down from the counter, darted for the hall, and took off at a run.  I charged after him, watching as he disappeared into our bedroom.  I followed, with Cyrus calling at my back.  However, when I entered our sleeping quarters there was no sign of the child.

Cyrus wanted to know what I was upset about.  He had not seen a child sitting on the counter, nor running off into our bedroom.  That was more than a little disturbing.  

I recounted the day to him, mentioning the boy bumping into me and then seeing him again on the way home.  Now, it seemed this figure had somehow entered our space and was roaming around the apartment.  Cyrus seemed at ease about the whole thing, shrugging it off as a basic haunting.  He stated that somehow the ghost had touched me, which spirits are seldom able to do.  It startled the spirit and now he was following me around.

Cyrus claims that I am ‘perceptive’ to spirits and otherworldly creatures.  I am not so sure about that.  I do not see how a human such as me would be more apt to see a ghost than a vampire.  Should my Cyrus not be the first one to encounter something of this nature?  At any rate, Cyrus said there was nothing to do about the spirit until he makes known to us what is wanted.

I suppose I am stuck with occasionally seeing a sad little child running about my house.  Disturbing.

Until next time, Journal.

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