Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dedicated to Pride Month

Though it would have been nice to complete 'Isle of Illusions' during Pride Month. Three releases in a month is a bit of a stretch. It doesn't look like it's going to happen.

However! In celebration of Pride Month, I wanted to share part of a very special scene that I wrote within 'Isle of Illusions.'

All of my books carry with it the tone of just how much Shorty and Lorenz are forced to over-come as a couple. As a gay couple that met in one of the most tumultuous times in our history, their story is one of pain, sorrow, confusion, redemption, acceptance and over-coming what many would consider impossible odds.

I dedicate this scene to all the lovers out there who just want to be equal, to be happy, to feel joy...to be able to spin around on a beach with the one they love and not fear the consequences of others seeing.

The year is 1954 and these two just want to celebrate their anniversary like any other couple in the world...

In the direction of the beach the two of them ran. Lorenz’ hair and coat tails fluttered out behind him where the breeze caught. He did not dare look behind, as he knew that Cyrus would be coming up quickly. Just as he was about to reach the clear blue foam, arms came around his waist and spun him in circles. The two of them laughed as they twirled and twirled, the entire world falling away.

Though it was probably folly to be seen in such a compromising position, the lateness of the evening should have given them enough privacy to be a bit reckless.

The vampire leaned forward, gently placing his companion upon the sand, gasping for breath. “I caught you.” The doctor shook his head. “Nein nein! I vas here first! I vin.” The blonde’s chin jutted into the air triumphantly, causing the vampire to laugh harder. “OK OK fine, you win.” The two men stood staring at one another for a long moment. Emotions began to swell in their chests and they were about to lean in for a kiss when the sound of voices made them start and pull apart. The perfect stitch in time was crushed by reality so swiftly it nearly knocked the wind out of the lovers.

Down the beach towards the front of the hotel there was a sort of ‘beach party’ going on. The men looked to the lights with heavy sighs before turning away and starting to walk further into the darkest areas of the beach. They could not help the way their shoulders sagged beneath the unseen weight of the world.

“One day…” Cyrus began, looking back to his lover. “Hm?” Lorenz upped an eyebrow as his attention drew to the other male. “One day we won’t have to worry about being seen together.” The German snorted and rolled his eyes. “Zhere are far too many strikes against us, Mein Leibe. To say nozhing of zhe fact zhat ve are sodomites…ju are Negro, und I am German. Zhen ju are a vampire und I human.” Lorenz sighed heavily again, his shoulders slumping further. “Ist a lot to over-come…perhaps too much.”

The vampire was growling by the time they reached a rope with an Italian warning to ‘keep out.’ “That’s right, I’m a vampire and I do whatever I damned well please.” They were far enough from the hotel and with this part of the beach closed off, there were no lights. It was nearly pitch black, save for the moon and stars over-head.

Cyrus reached to place his hands upon Lorenz’ waist and lift the man up, turning to deposit him over the rope safely. Lorenz chuckled and shook his head. “Mein hero…” He stated with no small amount of amusement in his voice. The darker male grinned, showing his snaggled tooth as he held up his arms, going into a round of flexing his biceps.

The doctor could not help but laugh as he turned away from the display of ‘strength.’ “Ju are so ridiculous sometimes.” The honey-eyed man slithered up behind his lover, gripping the other by the rear firmly and squeezing. “You love it.” Lorenz jumped slightly, but ended up leaning back into his love’s grasp. The two continued to walk, more comfortable to be close within the darkness of the quieter beach.

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