Journal Entry 29

June 4th, 1946

We are back to traveling again.  

I think it must have been obvious as we bid farewell to the people of the tiny city, that I was not keen on leaving.  Cyrus and I were silent with each other for a time until eventually I turned to him and stated something I did not know was weighing as heavily upon me as it was.

I expressed my desire to settle somewhere.  I told him that staying in that city made me realize how good it felt to simply have a stationary ‘home’ to return to and that even if it was for a short time, I felt like there I could be the doctor I had always dreamed of being.  My life has corrupted my purpose and instead of helping people and healing them, I have ended up hurting them.  I want to bandage wounds and lower fevers.

Cyrus didn’t look a bit surprised by my declaration.  He listened to me with a serious expression and then he kissed me, long, warm and passionately.  He held me close and stroked my hair before whispering in my ear that we would make for Egypt.  He said he knew someone there that would probably rent us a place, no questions asked, and that there were plenty of people to treat, as well as plenty of cases to work.

I had been fully-prepared for some kind of protest about how people like us could not enter into domesticity, either because of the nature of our relationship, or because he is a vampire.  I was struck dumb to hear him be so collected and have a plan for just this occasion.  

My heart did flips in my chest, my head felt light, and my vision swam with unshed tears.  I didn’t know what to say, so instead I simply pressed my forehead into my beloved Cyrus’ shoulder and let his strong arms hold me.

The idea that the two of us are going to live together again like we did in the log cabin has me as excited as a child in a candy store.  I replay those times in my mind and think of all the things I could have done differently.  Here is my chance.  This time we will be together without my pride, my drinking, or my poor self-esteem getting in the way.

I’m going to have a job as a physician and Cyrus will be working supernatural cases.  We will sleep together and make love in a real bed.  We can have dinners together and talk of our day, like any other couple.  It’s almost like a dream.

I have spoken before about how there are things that couples take for granted.  These simple luxuries that can be afforded most anyone who marries are more akin to little miracles for me.  I could spend all eve gushing about the prospects that are ahead of us, but I think I will close out for now.

Until next time, Journal.

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