Journal Entry 43

July 23rd,

There is something completely dissatisfying about this case.  Though it would seem that it is all ‘over,’ we are no closer to finding out what we were dealing with or why it was even here.  

It took quite a while for Cyrus to do much more than look dejected about the situation and offer constant apologies for what he had done.  However, once night had settled in and it was safe to move about, I convinced him to go outside and inspect the stone again.

Amongst our things I found that jaw bone, having almost forgotten about it.  I took it to him and we discussed the figure that I had seen while pouring over the dots on the stone.  Eventually Cyrus raised a fist and began punching the stone furiously, but could not make a dent.  I know of my lover’s strength and so I was surprised that he could not damage it.  There were not so much as bits of dust or rock vibrating off of it with each strike.  It was as if it had been fortified since our coming there.

Cyrus surmised that whatever we were dealing with was getting stronger and that we had to end this before it got more powerful.  The dissociative sexual fugue that my lover that been in was frightening enough.  Considering how strong of mind my lover is, I could not fathom how this thing might affect an individual of lesser mind.

What happened next is a bit of a blur. The ground began to rumble and shake as Cyrus used his powers.  I’m not sure if he was trying to break the stone or just pull it out of the sand.  At any rate, it was like a mini Earthquake.  In the distance I heard a howl, and lifted my crossbow to take aim. 

Just like the injured treasure hunter had said, there came a being with the head of a Jackal and the body of a man.  It moved at incredible speeds and I had difficulty keeping it in my sights.  I fired several bolts, watching as its body jerked and slowed a few times from impact, but it just kept coming, bounding down on all fours across the dunes towards us.

I think I may have shrieked when it was nearly upon us.  It sprang into the air like it might pounce, but at the last second, whatever was holding the stone in place broke free.  It rose up out of the sand and at its tip; it was pointed and sharp like a dagger.  It went flying through the air over our heads at a rapid pace and struck the being hard in the chest.  I watched the stone impale the creature and send it flying several yards before both just…turned to black sand and vanished in a rush of air that stank of death.

Cyrus and I stared on in confusion.  I eventually collapsed to my knees, and Cyrus joined me, his strong arms coming around me.  I don’t recall either of us saying anything for what seemed like eternity.

Eventually we both returned to the tent to merely lie together.  I put my head against Cyrus’ chest and he combed his strong fingers through my hair.  Nothing about this case makes any sense, but I suppose the danger is gone.  I am quickly penning this out while it is fresh in my mind and now I shall return to my lover’s side so that we may continue holding one another.

I suppose the mystery of the strange obelisk shall remain just that…a mystery.  

May the Jackals sleep soundly upon the dunes of sand this night.

Farewell for now, Journal.

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