Monday, May 11, 2015

WIP : Safe and Consensual

Hello Everyone!

I know it's Monday, but I'm afraid there's no journal entry today.  Next week there definitely will be, but for today, how about a snippet of my WIP instead?

Right now I'm furiously working on Prima Donna, as I would like to showcase it when I am at Indie Rom Com in Tennessee come October.

I am currently about 29,000 words into the book, and it's probably about halfway done.  I want to have the rough draft of the manuscript completely finished by the end of the month, so I really need to buckle down.

Sylest and Lyn are drawing closer to one another and with that closeness comes admitting they enjoy certain activities in the bedroom.  After a nice meal the two of them begin discussing how to create a safe and consensual environment for play.

This has not be edited at all, I'm sorry if it's filled with typos, repeated words and spelling errors.  It will be cleaned quite a bit before the final draft.

Hope you enjoy!

Prima Donna - Yes, Mistress...

Lyn let himself be led like a puppy, his emerald eyes sparkling with wonder as he stared at Sylest.  Being with her made his chest warm and he could not think of anywhere else in the world he would rather be.  Soon he was dragged halfway through the house and then shoved lightly so he fell back onto a big fluffy couch.  He stretched out, Sylest’s body coming to rest against his own.  She snuggled to his chest as she fiddled with a remote and his arms instantly wound around her slight body.

After a few moments neither of them could recall what movie she had turned on.  They were too busy staring into one another’s eyes.  Despite the close quarters situation, Lyn made no motion to bridge the gap between them.  Sylest smirked and slung a leg over his lap, ending up seated on him and leaning into his face.  Lyn’s hands came to rest on her waist and he gulped loudly.

“You’re such a good boy.  Do you know how good you are?  You sit and wait for orders, but I can see in your eyes how much you want to beg.  I’m imagining you tied spread eagle across my bed, blind-folded, maybe even gagged…how does that strike you?”  Her voice was a sultry purr, her elbows resting against his chest, pressing down on him.

“Oh God…”  He gasped out, closing his eyes and giving a full-body shudder.  “I didn’t want you to think me some kind of freak.  I…I don’t know what to do.  I mean, I have so many strange thoughts.  I just know I want to worship you.  Please, I’ve never had anyone…I mean people have tried, but it’s never gone well.  I trust you; I know you wouldn’t hurt me…”  He shivered, but this time there was fear behind the motion.  

Sylest leaned down, letting her lips brush his ear as she spoke.  “Ssshhh, it’s ok to be scared.  You’ve never had a proper Dominant in your life.  I promise that I will not do anything you do not enjoy.  My job is not to injure or upset someone beyond his or her limits.  If I do my job correctly, you may delve into your darkest desires in a safe and secure environment.”  She let the words sink in, while tenderly combing her fingers through his hair.

Lyn began to relax, his body stretching out on the couch as he abandoned to her touch…her voice.

Sylest continued.  “I will check on you during our encounter.  I will ask you simple questions to allow you to continue your immersion but also draw you up just enough to catch your breath.  I want you to color code your emotional reactions.  Green means you are all right and wish for me to proceed.  Yellow means things are intense and perhaps going too far, and I should slow down, but not stop.  Red means it is too much, too intense, and you need me to stop.  Do you understand?”

Lyn nodded slowly, swallowing down a thick lump as the reality of the situation came crashing down.  “Y-yes, I understand.”  He kept his eyes closed, feeling her body gently moving him and the tender way she touched his hair and neck.

“All right, I also want you to choose a ‘Safe Word.’  This is a special password that you speak if something becomes immediately overwhelming and you need all play to come to a halt.  The Safe Word is important and needs to be something that you can comprehend in an intense situation and speak quickly.  It can be a food or an animal…”  She moved to trail kisses along his jaw.

“G-sharp.”  He blurted out, arching against her body.

Sylest blinked, leaning back a bit to eye him thoughtfully.  “G-sharp?”

Lyn’s eyes fluttered open, staring blankly at the ceiling.  His pupils were dilated and he looked drunk with lust.  “G-sharp reminds me of Chopin.  When I was trying to learn his first concerto I found it so daunting.  Without going into too much detail there’s a spot in the middle of the second movement with eight sharps and an F with a double sharp for lack of a better way of putting it.”

She chuckled, leaning forward to kiss the corner of his lips.  “Very well, the Safe Word is ‘G-sharp.’”

He looked to her, tilting his head.  “I have a question.  If I am gagged and I need you to stop, how do I signal?”

A smile graced her face and she leaned in to nuzzle his throat.  “If you consent to being gagged, I will place a small horn into one of your palms.  If you become uncomfortable or overwhelmed, you can beep the horn.”

Lyn nodded, closing his eyes again.  He seemed completely at ease, and it pleased her.

“So then are you ready to worship me?”  If either of them recalled they were watching a film and it was still playing on the television behind them, they didn’t let on.

Lyn’s lips parted and he spoke in a hushed whisper dripping with desire, “Please, Mistress.”

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