Monday, January 19, 2015

Hear No Love : Flash Fiction

Hello Everyone!

It's a super exciting day!  It's Monday and normally that would mean a journal entry, but instead there's a new book and a tiny Flash Fiction.

First of all, my 5th book and totally new series The Gemini Prince has hit the eWorld.  The Gemini Prince is about one prince's struggle to being recognized as bigender/third gender.  He goes on a fantasy journey where he meets a dashing rogue...I won't spoil too much.  You can pick it up on Amazon, ARe, or Smashwords.  Links are below.  Also, please note that in the month of January 50% of my royalties go to benefit trans youth charities.


Now then, today I'm posting a quick Flash Fiction about Horach and Marcel.  Horach is of course the deaf Warlock from Phoenix Heart, and Marcel is middle sibling of the Fates, also known as Lachesis.  They have been a couple for many, many, many, many, (deep breath) you get the idea, years.  After reading an article about a discovery in the Sea of Galilee, I had a bit of inspiration to write a quick lil something.  It hopefully gives some insight into where Horach is originally from and what his human life might have been like.  I'll link the article below.


Thanks everyone for your love and support, happy Monday and happy reading!


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